If I didn’t

have any hope

left, then what

would I be.

I Open my

eyes and see

this ally blindly.

To smell

the sea,

to feel

a soft breeze,

to linger

over my plea.

I Am where

I am supposed

to find me.

For a moment

I stand Eye

To eye. To as

I hear

my heart whisper;

“Real beauty belongs

to the one

whom accepts

his faith freely.”

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With much love & inspiration written by me,

Stamp of approval

19 responses to “‘Faith,”

  1. Utterly & deeply BEAUTIFUL 🌹… So incredibly touching. Wow jj, wonderfully written. The ending is perfect. Your an amazing poet. Thanks for sharing your lines of beauty. Love it 😊

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  2. ““Real beauty belongs

    to the one

    whom accepts

    his faith freely.””

    Profound… and I tend to agree. Beautiful poem Jojo, love this one 💛

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    • liaaaaa, how have you been doing girl? I Hope you and your family are al well?

      Thank you so much, dear. Always lovely to see your comment here 🤭❤️❤️ I’m glad you loved it!!

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  3. This one has also become my favorite now. Faith is the only reason people live, or else is nothing indeed. And so do I am also living on just faith, that one day, one day I’ll have a good days. It’ll be sad for you to know about me, that this tiny fan of yours is already in depression and she’s just living on good hopes. Just that. But your poems are helping me to heal, and inspiring me to articulate down my feelings in my diary as usual I do, to make me a little smile.

    Thank you for these poems. Thank you for writing them and sharing them. Well but firstly I should thank Jesus that he gave me poet Jojo, so that at least with his words, this deep wounds will get relief if not get relived. Thank you so much. Please never stop writing, never ever!!!!!!!!!! 😭❤


    • Hi, Pruuu. Wow, so beautiful that you can share this with me, because acknowledging something is the first step to healing yourself. Don’t ever loose hope and faith, just before you know it you got stronger and even more beautiful. (Not the looks, but as person) I’m glad to know that my work helps you out. Do whatever makes you happy, step by step you will reach the little light to “good days”.

      Take care of yourself, Pruuu ❤️

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