My little satin bird

show me your hidden smile.

As one heart belongs to a song

you spread your wings proudly

seen from a mile.

Fall down on my eyes

colours of the night.

These stars speak to me

you are the picture of sight.

Fly through the stream of clouds

as no sight cannot hold you down.

To be one with the sky,

my little satin bird wearing her crown.

To be too with the sun

as you chirp with your gown.

Do you want to “Help a brother out” please check out the next link; “JJ-stache” As love is a mystery felt by your heart we need to support one another. Do not feel obligated to do so, just have fun. I Want to thank everyone for taking their time to read my work!

With much love & inspiration written by me,

Stamp of approval

11 responses to “‘satin,”

  1. Loved it too much!! You know? But you’re too good at words that I can imagine it, visualize your whole poem as a tiny movie in my mind. And it seems so pretty to me trust me.

    Whole day I stay busy with studies, cuz it’s all only I’ve left to be done for my future, and whenever I get free time or I listen to music or I surf around my apps in between read some of your poems too which make my day indeed, like its never I would say my day must have went wholly fine or good, I’m always low from inside but my point is little bit of words or music and little bit of words of your poems makes my day worth remembering, like give me a bit of peace to my mind. As some poem reminds me my old days which to I just can cherish right now because we don’t have time machine that could go back and change as Iron Man made so I would must say a big Thank You to you, for giving me at least a tiny smile on my face. Thank you for your poetry’s!!❤


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