A Moment of silence as I daydream.

When I close my eyes

I feel numbness in my heart.

To as I have been empty,

while this beauty of hollow

lifts me along your side.

My love,

A roses thorn becomes the pain

as we are frightened to wait.

Let us count our tears;




For a moment,

I Slowly open my eyes

to see none no-more.

I Am, as they say;

“Alone by heart.”

Stamp of approval

13 responses to “‘somnium,”

  1. Maybe deeply broken types vibes I’m getting to feel from it but you’ve powers and you’re God gifted that to those all broken words you make them wear beautiful and rich clothes, as you’re ” Word’s mom. ” Love you Jojo sir, thank you for writing these all poems for me, yes I’d say me cuz I feel I’m lucky that I’m getting to read it, feel it, enjoy it, learn from it and satisfying the inner feelings. Well it’s so many who loves your work and there would be more thousands of your tiny fans but right now it’s just me and your work and no-one in between it😌❤❤❤

    Liked by 1 person

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