To… Be… Gone….

If not when, then where?

I Have one desire to ask; “Grant me one wish.”

I Close my eyes and I hope to see you again,

but a lost soul can only be felt within hearts of despair.

Six…. Feet…. Under….

A Place of rest, awaits to be shared.

To forget or not to forget?

This roams through my mind as I am scared.

My hope belongs to you

as you always cared.

One…. Star…. Away…

To follow one butterfly, then I shall seek for the skies.

You left us behind,

but in trust you have showed us your eyes.

A Day of rest shall behold our hearts

as I grant one wish; for you to rise….

Stamp of approval

17 thoughts on “‘wish,

    1. Thank you so much, Ben. 😊

      And you may always asks any question, and yes this one is about one of my best friend that I have lost due cancer about 6 years ago (in December). Around this time of the year we heard he wouldn’t last that long anymore….

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      1. Thanks for caring and your thoughtful words 🙏🏽 in a way I’m glad you could sense my pain throughout my words, and yet I hate it when people can feel my pain. If you know what I mean..

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  1. Awww very deep jojo. So very sorry for your loss. May you be reunited with them in paradise. Beautifully portrayed ❤️❤️🌹🌹

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  2. “a lost soul is always felt within hearts of despair”, and always “one star away”. This pain is Real, I don’t think any words can ever heal it. Well, I don’t want them to exist because pain is the only thing left behind. Jojo, could you please explain this line – “in trust you have showed us your eyes”?

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    1. True that Nebula, pain can be a pain in the ass sometimes, but yet it can create so many beautiful things. So yeah… And
      “in Trust have you showed us your eyes.” How can I explain This one to you. Uhmm…
      The day before he died he knew he would die any Day now, and he showed his feelings/love/pain and everything Just before he had to close them. He was oké with it. And because of that we could accept it.

      Kinda like that, if you know what I mean?

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  3. You’ve so good powers that you could articulate your pain or any feelings. It’s so beautiful thing to describe your self as a poem, if someone understands it in-depthly. Always love your writings poet Jojo.

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