To… Be… Gone….

If not when, then where?

I Have one desire to ask; “Grant me one wish.”

I Close my eyes and I hope to see you again,

but a lost soul can only be felt within hearts of despair.

Six…. Feet…. Under….

A Place of rest, awaits to be shared.

To forget or not to forget?

This roams through my mind as I am scared.

My hope belongs to you

as you always cared.

One…. Star…. Away…

To follow one butterfly, then I shall seek for the skies.

You left us behind,

but in trust you have showed us your eyes.

A Day of rest shall behold our hearts

as I grant one wish; for you to rise….

Stamp of approval

17 responses to “‘wish,”

  1. Awww very deep jojo. So very sorry for your loss. May you be reunited with them in paradise. Beautifully portrayed ❤️❤️🌹🌹

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  2. “a lost soul is always felt within hearts of despair”, and always “one star away”. This pain is Real, I don’t think any words can ever heal it. Well, I don’t want them to exist because pain is the only thing left behind. Jojo, could you please explain this line – “in trust you have showed us your eyes”?

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    • True that Nebula, pain can be a pain in the ass sometimes, but yet it can create so many beautiful things. So yeah… And
      “in Trust have you showed us your eyes.” How can I explain This one to you. Uhmm…
      The day before he died he knew he would die any Day now, and he showed his feelings/love/pain and everything Just before he had to close them. He was oké with it. And because of that we could accept it.

      Kinda like that, if you know what I mean?

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  3. You’ve so good powers that you could articulate your pain or any feelings. It’s so beautiful thing to describe your self as a poem, if someone understands it in-depthly. Always love your writings poet Jojo.

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