Was I a fiction in your mind….?

To be held by your thoughts

you have seen me blind.

I Took care of you as we weren’t touching our souls

that got lost in translation being unsigned.

I Was the hope while you eloped

and in sight of beauty we bind.

You saw my soul,

you held my heart,

yet I felt being declined.

As I was miserable for time

I left the world behind.

To have wishes of three I seek for my loving mystery

without you in twined.

Stamp of approval

21 gedachten over “‘unfeigned,

  1. Yesterday “she” was an imagination (Saccharine), today “he” is a fiction.
    They both will make a pretty couple. Sorry, it was in the first person and so I couldn’t help!

    Beautiful rhyme. I appreciate it more because it’s difficult for me to make the idea and rhyme go hand in hand. “I Was the hope while you eloped” – oh NO, that’s sad! And very catchy (again nice rhyme hope, elope).

    “wishes of three” what’s that? And is there some wordplay – “in twined”?

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    1. Hahaha, you got an Great eye on details! I love that. Yes both were also real people. (I always speak out of experience). Don’t every apologize, btw. it’s al fine by me 😊

      “The whishes of three”. It’s like in Aladdin. He gets to have three wishes and could almost wish for everything, but eventually he Just wanted one thing. And that’s love, nothing else matters!!!

      In twined is Indeed a Little wordplay over there, because he is ready to move on without her. Not wrapped any more. Of you know what I mean?

      Thanks again for your interest, Nebula 😊❤️🙏🏽

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      1. We end up saying a lot of thanks, let’s just skip it! And I want to say “The wishes of three” is a really nice metaphor. Silly me, didn’t think about it. Yeah, got it what you mean.

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