I’m one of the few in a madding crowd,

as they pour their eyes on me

I shake my head out within the cloud.

To not trust me by sight, but feel the relent

of sacred night.

As I speak not for al;

I have my words not spoken loud.

For this I’m not proud.

You see, the agony that I feel from within

has me cornered in frighten spring.

For I am not with the few

I scream with my soul for you to bow

as I am less I have my thoughts avowed.

Stamp of approval

27 gedachten over “‘vehemence,

  1. Wow indeed, those first lines especially, and these: “You see, the agony that I feel from within
    / has me cornered in frighten spring.” I relate to all of that that, or have, definitely. Beautifully expressed, it’s that deer-in-headlights feeling, or that’s what I felt when I read those lines, at least. Hugs Jojo 🙏💛🤗

    Geliked door 2 people

    1. Hihihih, you make me blush 🤭🙈 I love it that when I write something down and you, everyone, can relate to it! Even when it’s something like deer-in-headlights kind of feeling 🙈 really, Thank you so much for Always supporting me❤️

      Geliked door 1 persoon

    1. In a way I’m glad you can relate to my work, and yet. Sometimes I hate it when people can relate to it… But, I’m glad you understand my work ❤️ may I ask what you feel at this moment? Why you felt you could relate to it? If it’s okay to ask!


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