Brothers and sisters,

this world has too much crime.

It’s our responsibility to define and change,

It’s our duty to relieve us self from pain by time.

To al I say; “Rise up, and show me what you got.”

We have to be the one,

the one that rises and had a battle to be fought.

“Rise up, to the time of diversity.”

Life is a reality

that has been feeling like a fantasy.

As we choose to ignore the facts

That we can’t handle our perspective acts.

Until we collapse;






our cracks.”




To leave one footstep

as we arise.

Stamp of approval

28 thoughts on “‘aspire,

    1. jojo alwaealy says:

      Thats my brother, let’s rise up👏🏽

      Sorry for the late response though, your message got into my spam folder!! But I’m glad I saw it and that you Very much liked my work 🤭 I truly appreciate it 😊 Take care of yourself, brother 🙏🏽


  1. silent poetry says:

    Beautiful jojo…. Together we can rise. We can fill the cracks. Such a lovely piece 💕💕


    1. jojo alwaealy says:

      Hihihih thank you so much, A🤭❤️ and also thank you so much for liking and reading my previous work 😳🙏🏽🙏🏽

      But yes, together we can rise and overcome everything. 💯💯

      Liked by 1 person

    1. jojo alwaealy says:

      Hihihih, Just noticed it indeed 😳🤭 Feeling blessed and flabbergasted by the Idea that people would love to read my previous work 🙈🙈 Just finished my gym workout, so going to read your comments now ❤️


  2. Pruuu says:

    “Life is a reality

    that has been feeling like a fantasy.”

    And each lines after this one, oh goodness God bless uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh with lots of love and happiness for sharing your love and happiness with a tiny fans like me. It inspires me in a lot ways. Thank youuuuu

    Liked by 1 person

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