‘One more chance,

Oh’ hear me chatter my misery.

Not to heal from pain off oblivion, Do I have this

Endless aspiration of seeking beauty within.


My grail of massacre from eyes of sin.

Only I can descend and

Realm the chills on my skin. To you I say;

“Eye for an eye as the enemy has been.”


Complete me and and let me fall for the odds.

Have I not shown you my flaws from the begin?

Answer my question with honesty.

Nor lies of grim to belong. this path we follow

Conflicts our predicted future. To you I say;

“Endless aspiration of seeking beauty within.”

Stamp of approval

15 thoughts on “‘One more chance,

    1. jojo alwaealy says:

      Kally, first I want to say; thank you so much for taking your time to read my work, and thank you for liking my work 😊

      Second, I do my best 🙈 I think that’s the best what I can say. So you know, I’m not that good with receiving compliments 🤣😳


    1. jojo alwaealy says:

      Thank you , thank you very much 🙈 I’m glad you like it🤭 fyi, Thanks for Always taking your time to read my work and support me with your lovely likes 😊


  1. silent poetry says:

    This gave me chills… You are seriously extremely and beautifully gifted. You remind me a little of my very famous poet Rumi (RA). 💕💕

    Liked by 1 person

  2. silent poetry says:

    No sure about that generalisation hehe 😜😂. Joke. Umm no not Afghan, just love that particular poet 🌹

    Yeah that’s ok, you deserve that respect you are also an amazing poet ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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