My lips are sealed,

to a flying butterfly in a field.

Hear me speak in silence,

loudly I rise my wings for I desire my wish;

“To be healed.”

Have I not seen the world?

Have I not shown you my inner peace?

to fly a mile to the north by your yield.

Look in my eyes and see the pain that has been concealed.

I am, (What do I say to this?)

I am frightened and alone in this battlefield.

As I believe in a better today,

a sorrow yesterday

and a brightened tomorrow.

I have to lose my shield,

I have to let down my guard.

My lips are no more sealed.

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17 gedachten over “‘Ammar,

  1. loudly I rise my wings for I desire my wish;

    “To be healed.”

    One more time, your lines talk to my soul. I loved this poem so much and I am intrigued by the title. what did you mean by Ammar here?

    The poem is so pretty and so the wish to be healed within it, I really felt it in my bones.

    I hope you are doing fine, please take good care of yourself.

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    1. K, thank you so much for your time, support and kind words! I’m glad you loved my work. That my lines talk to your soul🙈 such an amazing compliment! Thank you 1000 times, K ❤️

      “Ammar” translated from Arabic is “the moon”. And we writers love the moon, don’t we 🙈 full moon, clear sky and stars around. Best nights to enjoy😊

      And I have been doing fine, dear K. Thanks for asking. I Hope you are fine as well? Take care of yourself too❤️😊

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      1. Hihihih aahww, K😍 you are to kind. To amazing.😊

        (Little secret about why I used Ammar as well, at that moment when I was writing this poetry it was full moon as well)

        I’m glad I can finally read your Answers, K. Thanks for sharing. fair la bise😊

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  2. “Hear me speak in silence,

    loudly I rise my wings for I desire my wish;

    “To be healed.”

    Wow…. very inspired. Amazing lines. And the image… what a find. 🦋🧡🙌🌈🌟

    Geliked door 2 people

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