One look,

in silence you have spoken.

That’s what I saw.

From devastating to weeping.

For you have my heart taken,



One word,

from realm of words.

That’s what I heard.

To be sorry,

to be lost,

to be wrong.

the sound of chirping got lost by my birds.

One breath,

To blindly trust my soul.

That’s what it took.

For you have shown me not to,

to lose,

to forgot.

To be in control.

Jojo stamp of approval

31 gedachten over “‘Anagapesis,

      1. Hugs dear friend. Same here. When the going gets tough let’s build a raft from the wreckage and row in a different direction lol. 😂😭💔🤷‍♀️❤️💓🌷

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  1. This is a wonderful poem; in particular the lines:

    “One breath,

    To blindly trust my soul.

    That’s what it took.”

    Blind trust is hard to give to anyone; but trusting yourself is almost harder as you already know if you are being honest or not.

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    1. Mister coremans, Thank you so much for your time to read my work and especially with a feedback like that.

      I’m so glad you loved it ❤️
      It’s Indeed hard to trust yourself at times.

      Thank you so much, I truly appreciate it 🤗

      Geliked door 1 persoon

      1. Hi Jojo,
        Please feel free to call me Darren. 😊

        I always try to engage with others as I would hope others would try to do so with me.

        Reading the work of others is often a gateway to my own inspiration, and so I thank you for sharing your work. 😊

        Geliked door 1 persoon

      2. Hi Darren,
        I like that. It’s a pleasure to meet you 😊

        I too like it to engage with others as well. It makes the community a Little more fun as well, getting to know one another!😊

        I’m glad my work could be a gateway for your inspiration though! That’s truly an honour!! 🙈

        Let’s meet eachother again in This wordpress future, Darren. it’s going to be a fun ride🤗🙏🏽

        Take care of yourself, my friend!

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