Part 5





My pride.

As we flee through thou mystery.

Thee beauty and flair has my soul loosely implied.

Talk to me and tell me your secrets. As lips are sealed,

I have only my eyes and ears for you to guide.

Sweet kisses of harmony on my shoulders I belong to you,

The World,

as you take me over to see, to feel and to provide.

I Care my fingers slowly through the wind,

and I feel your warmth flowing through my waltz of grace.






My pride.

“The End”

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21 gedachten over “‘Dismantle,

  1. This is so deeply sensuous and thus delicious. “Sweet kisses of harmony on my shoulders I belong to you” — what an unusual and beautiful line. 🎶👁‍🗨💘☪️💓

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      1. On my final prep, but it is highly dangerous to take the exams with over 3M cases in India with almost 70k+ cases everyday, like I am seriously scared 😞. And my mind is full of ideas, will be getting some good content to post on the blog! But the anxiety level is little high! 🙃 Take care, dear JoJo ❤️

        Geliked door 1 persoon

      2. That’s kind off something to be scared about indeed, K😓 good to know that you have plenty of ideas to eventually share with us again 😊 please take your time and take care of yourself too, dear Karunya ♥️🙏🏽

        Geliked door 1 persoon

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