What to remember, my son?

“Nothingness rises into ashes sun.”

What am I to my son?

“Life seamless just begun.”

What have you seen, my son?

“You are everything to someone.”


What have I done?

What am I to you?


You have been afraid not so long,

from mistakes you have fallen,

to learn the right from wrong.

To wake up,

To shine,

To arise from chirping bird song.

A lullaby sweet as home.

Love-one, wait not for misery,

to you I will find my stay in Rome.


To be,

(To me)

A father for thee.

22 gedachten over “‘Father,

  1. “Love-one, wait not for misery, / to you I will find my stay in Rome. / To be, / (To me) / A father for thee.” Wow, this one ends in a story kind of mystery. It could be a life tale, or it could be a semi-religious vale. And a slightly different style, the fish grows legs… your soul shines through your poetry. With a bit of holy ghostery. ♡❤︎🙏☀︎䷰

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    1. Gosh, your eyes of detail. I love how you always find a way to understand my “writing”. To really open your mind and try to find a way to make it “yours” to understand! I’m glad to have a reader like you!

      I’m so happy to know that you truly appreciate my work. It’s always hard to find someone who’s alike.

      The ending was supposed to kind off to be a mystery, so you really could have it your own way!

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