Part 1

In silence I hear your voice cracking,

You whisper your final wish;

“You and I are lacking.”

So simple it was for you to say.

Beyond my mind,

beyond my soul,

I was lost for you not to stay.

you said; “You knew it would happen one day”.

The burden I felt streaming through my vein,

the voice I lost in my pain,

the wish I never had imagined in my brain,

The waves were still and waiting for their remain.

Silence is what kept us wondering,

to wonder; “I Was not afraid to ask!”

To tell; You did with no mask.

Part 2

32 responses to “‘Plea,”

  1. Jojo… this is heartbreaking. I feel this one… so beautifully written. “The burden I felt streaming through my vein, / the voice I lost in my pain,” and then “Silence is what kept us wondering, / to wonder; “I Was not afraid to ask!” / To tell; You did with no mask.” This is deeply stirring. And yet also feels compassionate, like the narrator feels true love and understanding and mutual respect for the other person. A painful but gorgeous poem. And sadly too often the case; sometimes not because the person is lacking ideal qualities, but because the other has not developed the ability to receive or reciprocate true love easily. 💛❤︎ That’s my take on it, anyway. I might be reading it wrong though. Hugs 🤗🌻

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    • Ahwww thank you so much, Lia. I really had to “plea” my kinda heartbreak! You know that I always try to use my own emotions when I write!

      You didn’t read it wrong, Lia. You truly got what I tried to say with my poem. Tonight I will share the second part of the poem. It’s connected with one another.
      I think everyone has been in this kinda situation and I really tried to make them feel connected with my words.

      Thank you truly for always understanding my writings❤️❤️ you always take your precious time❤️❤️

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  2. Such a poignant piece, lovely though🥺👌Would you like to share any writing tips? I’d really love to know how you come up with such stuff, and so regularly😊

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    • Shreya, long time no speak! Thank you so much for liking my work once again❤️

      Pff of course, I would love too. I feel honored you asked me. The “tips” i can give you are;
      for inspiration I actually truly always use my own experiences, emotions or feelings i have or ever had. Our Brain is filled with stories, anecdotes and moments we all have been through. So when I feel inspired by the need to write I use them to write.
      But to be honest, i too sometimes have a blank and truly no idea what to write about. So sometimes i just search random words on the internet and let that inspire me 😂 or I would read poetry work from other people to feel their emotion/inspiration.

      And to truly help me to always post regularly I have scheduled 4 days a week to post my work. Every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. Same time. So that is also an extra motivation to keep writing. So if i have written more than one poetry in a day i will schedule them over my usual days.

      I hope this is helpful for you, Shreya? Don’t be afraid to always to connect if you would like to know more. You can find my contact information on my homepage. For incase that❤️❤️ have a lovely day, Shreya!

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      • Thank you so very much.🥰This is indeed very helpful. I do try to post regularly too (on Saturdays) and yes it is quite a motivating factor. The advice on searching a random word is quite novel,though😂 but it’s great, will definitely use it. Thank you so much for sparing some time and writing this great advice down, I’m so grateful. You have a lovely day too! Much love!😊❤

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      • Great, Shreya. I’m glad it’s helpful to you! Ahhaha always there to help a fellow writer🤗 I will do that, Shreya. Thank you for connecting with me through WP, always fun meeting new people with the same passion!

        One community, one goal. To write and to inspire! ❤️🙏🏽

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  3. I came across the Part 2 first. I apologize for reading it at first without looking for the Part 1 -I could not resist reading that.
    After completing Part 2 I looked for Part 1 and read this, too. Such a melancholic read.
    ‘”You and I are lacking.”
    So simple it was for you to say.’ Funny how after spending major time of your life with someone, handling your chaos well so as to take them out of theirs [chaos]. You dig your own grave, at times, in doing so.
    Not the reason they do not have mutual feelings for you but that they genuinely never cared enough -rips the heart apart. You wish to scream and die but all you could do is sigh.
    You legit plea, and they do not wish to even look back and see.
    Ah! ❤

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    • Aditi, hahaha thank you so much for taking your time to read my work. Especially because you got so excited about it. I feel honored by your amazing compliment 💓

      It’s true though, you got it right. All the hard work just to lose it easily.

      Ps, i think you forgot part 3 as well 😳😳 have a look for that one, dear friend4❤️❤️

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    • Thank you so much. This is so amazing 😍🙏🏽 I just can’t open the link on my mobile phone, so I have to check it later on my laptop. But, once again. I truly appreciate it!!!


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