‘The Sunshine Blogger award,

Rules :

One thing is for sure, dearest writers and readers; Im thankful for Million Dreams  for nominating me. ‘K’ inspires all, with witty writings & also in the comment section. Always there to notch your inspirations. A friend, a follower and a inspiring writer! so by all means check out the blog and pay some respect! 

PS, Check out “The greatest battle”

Questions from K self;

1. Are you a coffee or tea person?

Coffee is my morning addiction, and tea is my afternoon pleasure!

2. Do you have a pet?

I do not have any pets, but a chicken and a duck sound amazing to have. (thanks to “FRIENDS”)

3. What is that one song you connect to everytime?

This is a tough one, K. I think; Freddy Mercury “Bohemian Rhapsody”

4. What do you think the world needs more right now?

To me “love” means everything. Love connects people, strive them to do better and inspires all for care! 

5. Would you choose money over love?

“Love” would always win. To me money is a temporary fiks, and love can be a lifetime pleasure. Rather be happy with love than money.

6. If you have a time traveling machine, which time would you travel to, past or future?

I would go back in time. So I can start blogging and sharing my writings way earlier in my life! 

7. What do you like the most about the art of writing?

To write, or not to write; A merely stage to enjoy my freedom of words. Writing is a worldwide experience in a small town atmosphere.

8. Have you ever tried writing a song?

To be honest; Yes I have, more like a “Rap Song” kinda lyrical play/poem. 

9. If you’re given an opportunity to get a thing free for lifetime, what would you choose, money, food or traveling the world for free?

“Traveling the world for free” that would be my number one pick. The more I can see in this short spend of time on “mother earth” the more satisfied I would leave here! 

10. If you get to live the life of a bird for a day, what would you do?

Easy; “Flying”. I would fly and never stop flying! 

11. What excites you most when you are reading a book?

The way I lose my thoughts into the words of the writer and forget all my worries and share of emotions. I become one with the words and Author! 


To my nominees I ask thee next questions to openly share with us; 


My fair and lovely winning Nominees are; 


I just want to thank K once again for nominating me. Its my pleasure to connect with you over time and by words we share from our thoughts. You are an amazing writer and soulful person. By time I take thee precious soul with me to the future. Thank you once again!


To my nominees I want to say that you all inspire me one by one to achieve the best I can do, if not already! Your words, your feedbacks, your interaction and ESPECIALLY YOUR WRITINGS make me impossible to ignore the thoughts that flow through my mind. One by one you deserve to reach the highest mountain of all and accomplish the things you desire the most! 

45 responses to “‘The Sunshine Blogger award,”

  1. Awwww Jojo you are the bestest!!! I cannot believe you nominated me again, I feel so so so so so incredibly grateful and amazed. 🥰🙏 Congrats to you on your award 🎉🎉 and I loved reading your answers. 😍🎶 I especially liked the fact that you say you would start blogging sooner, that is sort of “yeah,” and a reminder to us all that our stories and feelings are important and all the better if shared. You’re always an inspiration and encouragement to your readers, and the ones you read, and you’ve helped me a huge lot in terms of buoying my (fluctuating) spirits, hehe. You’ve got a fantastic sense of humour and such a joy for life, which is evident in your style and your kindness to others. Thank you dear friend!!! For this, and for all the good things you do and create. Hugs n’ love. Feeling blessed to know you around here!! 🤗🎉🙏💛🌻❀☀︎❤︎☯️

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    • Aahww, Lia! Thank you so much for that amazing compliment! I FEEL SO HONORED!! I feel so much love and grace flowing through my body thanks to you. *the biggest smile on my face at this moment*

      You really deserve the nomination, doll! Enjoy it and have a lovely day!

      Ps, I’m glad you could relate to my answers and that you loved them ❤️❤️❤️🤗🤗🤗 feeling blessed to know you too as well

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  2. Congrats, jojo! I loved reading your answers. I am so humbled that you would choose me as your nominee. I can’t believe I only started blogging this last December and have gotten so far with my writing and have so many supporters. I appreciate your feedback and kindness so much and hope we can continue on this writing journey together for a long while. You’re a brilliant, fun, creative, and wonderful writer and I hope you accomplish your goals.

    Thanks again, jojo 😊. I’ll send a link when I finish the post. 💙

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  3. Congratulations JoJo! 🎉. You absolutely deserve this. I loved reading your answers to my questions! I could relate with you so much! I sing pretty good and I always have an eye for rap songs, maybe, we could come up with a collaboration! 😅.
    Thank you so much for your very kind words. This is honestly one of the best compliments I have ever received in my entire life! ❤️😊 I will definitely look into this post of yours and it will always be a good boost to me as a writer and a person as well. I am really honoured to know you and it means a lot coming from you! 😊
    You are an amazing and a very great writer with one of the most beautiful imagery! I Iove all your works! ❤️ Thank you so much, my dear friend! Have a great day! More power to you!!!!
    All the best! Lots of love and virtual hugs!! ❤️❤️❤️ . Congratulations once again, JoJo!! ❤️😊

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    • K, thank you so much for this amazing compliment. This means so much to me, you have an amazing soul! ❤️❤️ A collaboration about a song/rap would be kind off funny thing to do! We could always talk about it. But mostly i want to thank you for the nomination. I feel Honored!

      I’m so glad you loved all my work, this is the best compliment i could receive from anyone. Thank you so much, dear k!

      Can i be bold and ask you what “k” stand for 😳😳 would love to know your first name. Lots of love and hugs 🤗😘

      Ps, i loved your questions 😊😊🙈

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      • You absolutely deserve this ❤️ and thank you! 😊. K stands for Karunya!! This is the first time I am ever using my name on the blog, and I am really glad! Thank you, JoJo ❤️ Lots of love!! ❤️


      • Thank you so much once again! Karunya, what a lovely name! It’s the first time I hear a name like that, really lovely! And I feel honoured that I’m the first person who knows your name 🤗😳🙏🏽 Thanks for sharing and have a lovely week ❤️ lots of love back☺️❤️

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  4. Dear JoJo,

    you find me so happy and awed at your gesture, I can’t warp my head around it yet! You the one with the prettiest poetry ever chose me for this award! (No Way!!) 😅

    I am very thankful for the attention that you have given my works, and that you have deemed my humble attempt at writing poetry to be worthy of such a heartfelt gesture.

    You have made my day! and I feel so energized to actually write more and more. it has been only a month for me here at wordpress and to have such an honor to recieve your wishes and respects deepens my respect for you and your art equally.

    Please, accept my Congratulations!✨🎉 because Yes you are the sunshine blogger and you do bring so much light and hope into your readers through your Art.

    Thank you so much! ❤

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    • Dear Kami,

      You totally deserve the nomination. Your spirit, your writings and your dedication caught my attention and that’s why I think you deserve the best of al!
      Only if your mind is set right, than only you can achieve greatness!

      When I first was nominated by lauralotus a while back, I too was amazed by all and everything, but it did Push me throughout everything to do what I love the most. “To write”. So, I hope I did the same to you! ( To pay it forward)

      Mostly I’m happy for your excitement, I’m glad that I could be a part of your day! To brighten it, and especially to motivate you to write more and more!

      Thank you for your kind words, kami!❤️
      People like you motivate me to write, to Inspire and to reach my own goal!! Have a blessed day and week, see you around in WP, fellow writer!🤗❤️

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      • I am so glad that you find me worthy of the nomination. Indeed you have given me enough motivation, to do my best at writing. I love writing so much and I love sharing it even more.

        I will notify you when I post the award nomination on my blog! Thank you so much for being the bearer of hope and light in this website! Have a great day/night/ weekend.
        Lots of love and light are sent to you ❤

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      • That’s great news, kami! I’m glad i have given you the “extra” motivation. Keep them coming, I will be there to read your work! ❤️

        Yes, can’t wait to see your answers!
        Thank you so much for everything, i will definitely have a lovely day/week. To you too, milady! ❤️ see you in the a future called WP🙏🏽


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