To share my thoughts from the world above,

to swoop



with the spirits of white dove.

To fit like a glove;

“I wish thou grace had been, my love.”

To fly




all from the world above!

I’m hiding for us to write,

to reach




To my wings of the unknown fight.

To undress our mind




Blind to a new world. Dare to be kind?




I share you my twilight of words signed!

30 gedachten over “‘hymn,

  1. Your poem reminds me of my muse! it’s so engaging, that is one of the most beautiful qualities of your poems, the reader can lose himself/herself in the words, the feeling (It’s something hard to reach) but it seems effortless. Yes, undressing thoughts and feelings is one of the best human achievement, to share this beauty and poetry is indeed such a delight. My compliments .

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    1. Thank you so much, theHiddenK. (would be nice if i could call you by first name next) if you would like to share 😳

      But, I’m really glad you feel that way when you read my work/poem. That the readers feel engaged my work. I Think this is the best compliment a writer could ever receive from anyone!! And you just gave me the pleasure of knowing!! I couldn’t be you more thankful, you have blessed my soul with your complimentary❤️❤️❤️ so thank you, thank you AND THANK YOU!

      btw, you deserve flowers, where can i send them? 😂😳

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      1. Oh, sorry it completly escaped to put a named behind the “The Hidden K” . my name is Kamelia ☺, you can go with kami too, I am fine with that too.

        pleased, all the thank yous are for you, your art is beautiful. 🥰🥰

        As for the flowers! the simple thought of sending them is actually very heartwarming and touching. 😳😳

        Geliked door 1 persoon

      2. Kamelia. Got it. Such an delightful name. I won’t forget it😊

        Once again, thank you for the compliment! I feel blessed by it🤗❤️

        Hahaha, well your words just brightened my day so people whom brighten my day deserve flowers 😳 *sending you atm virtual flowers 💐🌹🌸*

        I hope you have/had a lovely day/weekend. (always the time difference 😂)


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