Hands to reach out for, skies nearing my blues.

Art of enemy screaming down by my muse,

This has to become my scream of abuse. Did I

Ever not walk a mile in your shoes? have I lost your

Faithfulness by gathering to one’s fathers bruise?

Under no dwell, to commit freedom’s swell, shall I miss your cues.

Let me run, let me go. To a story to tell about the who’s.


Love is my seventh sin,

Only to shimmer in the light of stars,

Variety of victorious wars, for I shall kiss, for I shall learn the –

Endless of wooing from the begin.

36 responses to “‘untold,”

  1. Love can be a mistake. Love can be a thing to fight for, until the end of time. I think the worst part is letting go of something you thought was your answer. It’s at that time, in the process of letting go, that you begin to see yourself, and say aloud, “Could I have done anything different?” As in, you begin to see your own flaws, once that person begins to drift out of your life. And then… the future can look different.

    Your poem sparked that thought in my mind. I also see that the first letter to each of the lines reads out, “Hateful Love”. Good and real stuff. 🙂

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    • That’s so true, mister romanticIndeed. Love can be tricky, and especially as you say ” when you thought something was your answer”. We adapt and evolve over time and only if we accept our true self than only than we can grow into something better and greater!

      I’m glad my poem sparked some thoughts out of your mind. And I’m especially happy with the thought that you liked my work. So thank you very much 😊❤️

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  2. I don’t know why I feel so emotionally blindsided whenever I read your work… but it is powerful stuff. “Art of enemy screaming down by my muse, / This has to become my scream of abuse.” It physically hurts somehow… but then “Under no dwell, to commit freedom’s swell, shall I miss your cues. / Let me run, let me go. To a story to tell about the who’s.” That part brings hope and sadness/longing at the same time. I think RomanticIndeed said it in the comments very well, also J.M. Lilin and of course Suzette. I especially agree with Suzette about loving the seventh sin line. But that whole last stanza is divine. Yes Love is some intoxicating gin… but the best of them; much like your poems. Hugs Jojo 🤗❤︎🌻

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    • Aahww, Lia. Seriously. I got no words. Really such amazing compliment. My eyes sparkle with happiness by your words. I have read it like 10 times. Just amazed how deeply you feel connected with my poetry.

      Flabbergasted, amazed and lost my ability to talk at this moment thanks to you. Blessed by an such amazing wp friend ❤️❤️❤️ thank you, thanks you.

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  3. WOW! I love this, (I don’t have enough words to express this) but there is beautiful manner in which you combined each and every word together, the rhythm, the musicality that I felt within the meaning. I am just repeating it endlessly “love was is senventh sin” Mr.JoJo your poems are an absolute love!

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  4. What I find interesting about some of your work is the acronyms at the side!! ((Sowwy if I don’t have the correct English word, it isn’t my mother tongue)) the format is something you don’t see so often but I really like the style and the way it brings the piece of work to life with even more mystery, meaning and subtle hints :>

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    • Thank you so much, cherry princes 🙏🏽❤️ and don’t be sorry for not knowing the right “word”. English isn’t my mother tongue as well, but the word you meant is “acrostic”. That’s the way of writing this kind of poem, and I’m glad you noticed it (tried to made it as obvious as possible) and secondly, it doesn’t happen that often anymore indeed. It’s kind off “old-school”😳.

      Thank you so much for your positive feedback, it really does help me out! Always a pleasure to receive them, so I can improve my writings.❤️🙏🏽 Take care, cherry 😉

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      • You speak English so well that I am shocked it’s not your mother tongue!! And why thanku 🍒

        You don’t have to thank me, although from what I can read you seem like an incredibly grateful human and that’s super kool 🤙🏽

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      • Well thank you for the compliment, cherry! Funny you didn’t notice anything 😳

        Always have to be thankful 😂 it’s in my nature, and when i feel blessed i want others to feel blessed with me! Sharing is caring, right? 😜

        Take care and enjoy your day/weekend! 😊🤗🙏🏽

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