It was that lady who shared our simplicity in our eyes. At night we looked deep in the sky and saw what the world defined. She asked for the who’s, the where’s and the why’s, but in respond we only empathize. The aspiration has been hiding with her allies; “while moving counterclockwise and breaking that rose thorn while hypnotized”, she asked herself “had I reason otherwise?”. Though its impossible to imagine what we can do without the beauty at rise we hope that the flower never dies. So we search for the colour in between the lines and find that firefly not far away from paradise. She got separated from her soul first fight domination. Looking in the eyes of men while her eyes and lips spoke in flirtation. Ought to get the beauty of Venus with the strength of Athena; The power off will wil always have her salvation.

7 responses to “‘thorn,”

  1. Well, I didn’t understand it completely. Still, I have cupped my face and staring at it as if it’s alive.

    I always found the sky very high, beyond my reach. But the ocean (or the sea etc. etc.) was always deep in which I felt that I could drown. It was something hardwired in me, maybe because of gravity! “we looked deep in the sky” and suddenly I felt I too could sink in the sky. BEAUTIFUL.
    “The aspiration has been hiding with her allies” – …

    So you know, I get speechless when I see something very beautiful! !!!

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    • Hey nebula, sorry I was busy at work today! Just got back home! First I Just want to say thank you so much for reading my work, even the older ones 🙈😳 I truly appreciate it ❤️

      Second, I get it you didn’t understand it completely. This is a hard one, in a way I just want to embrace the beauty we have all around the world and just have to appreciate it. That beauty that we see we also see it in the person we love. For me it was a her.. so yeah. This is the easiest way to explain it.

      And yes, I think we both have the same curse with getting speechless. Whenever receiving a compliment or seeing something beautiful!!!

      You have become a Great supporter and friend, nebula!! I truly appreciate it ❤️ Thanks once again!! And I truly loved your point of view. ❤️😳🤭😍

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