They say I am a stray;

Walking down the street two-way path crossing my way. You have been caring all the weight away. For I have been the fighter of my own battles nearing my screaming day. “Attention” that’s what I seek for my inner child’s play. With a knot in my heart, with love given to rise your soul, you have been granting my heart for you to mislay.

They say she is not like the rest;

All I Can say; “I have been gods bless” for shouting the truth out of my chest. To be all obsessed I was leaving my mind unrest, but I did express my heart for you to undress!

They… They… They…

for I am careless and free. Happiness is my power key and undecided crossed the sea.

13 gedachten over “‘They,

  1. I absolutely adore your poetry. <>
    My chest felt like it sprouted wings when I read that.
    Also there is something I love about your punctuation and capitalization. It tickles me, linguistically.
    Thanks Jojo, for sharing your awesome poetry. :)) 🙏🙏💛

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      1. Ah that is so kind!! I have been writing a lot… now I’m lost as to what to share of it. lol. Have to write a new one I guess. ;)) Thank you so much for the encouragement Jojo, it means a lot. 💙💙💛🌻🌀

        Geliked door 1 persoon

      2. Hahah, i know that feeling, lia. Just write and don’t think. Start with one word. That’s helps when I have issues with writing! And always my pleasure☺️😊

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