Take my hand and share me your thought.

On your chest my head rest uncaught. I was

Unaware from my mistakes. Don’t hold me down.

Cause; “You didn’t want me anymore around.”

How can I take thee soul with me to the end of time?


May I share our love, joy and tears? Or do

You only care about your fears?


Seeking for love through a black hole,

Owned by misery and no control. Take thee

Universe; “For I show you my light and darkness whole.”

Love is nothing more than a lost soul.

20 gedachten over “‘lost,

  1. “Love is nothing more than a lost soul.” This is so beautiful… And the message on the edge again… ❤︎♡❀🌷 By the way Jojo, your posts are not showing up in my feed, though I’m following you, same with some of my other favourite bloggers. Frustrating… WP glitches galore. Anyway, glad I came to visit. :))

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    1. You always give me a smile when you comment. ☺️☺️ Thank you so much! 💙 Glad you still saw my post though

      That’s weird though, not seeing any of my messages in your feed. Did you maybe, by accident, press “hide” or something like that? But at the same time i have been having WP glitches as well on my phone, so i can also relate to that!

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      1. There is no hide option… so that can’t be it… only follow and/or block. I don’t know. I will try to look into it further, my feed is lacking a lot of beauty without seeing my favourite posts it it. Thanks for the kind words. :)) 💙🙏

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      2. Update – your posts still don’t show in my feed – I even tried unfollowing then refollowing you a while back. But I keep coming to visit! Also with help from likers of my comments here… grateful to them, since it provides an easy link back to your blog in my notifications. :)) xoxoxo

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      3. Ahhh that’s annoying, lia. Hate it. But, I’m still glad that you always have a visit on my blog! I also always check yours out for in case i missed anything! Xoxo 😊

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      1. I find it beautiful because sadness is great fuel for poets, and you’re phrasing your poems like a pro. I tend to disagree with this last sentence (today), although there is some truth to it which I’ve experienced as well so… You know, love is so complicated and we all have our own definition of it. Love can definitely be painful, which is why there are so many poems about it, yet it shouldn’t have to be that way. It is only painful because we confuse passion for what it’s not (in my opinion). I used to think differently, but now I believe more and more that love is something you build over time, and not just an ephemeral feeling. Anyway, I loved your poem! ^_^

        Geliked door 1 persoon

      2. Ahah amazing point of view and honesty, Phil. That’s what I like. I’m glad you loved my poem! Thanks for you lovely feedback, it’s always a way for me to enrich my point of view! 😊🤗 Enjoy your day and week, Phil!
        It’s a Honour to meet you🙏🏽🤗

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