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Title: ‘Love Sparks,

We starring at stars, counting our endless togetherness

Livin’g us, discovering us in starlight , dreaming our dreams to turn them in reality,

Though we are away but still together as our souls are connected ,as the spark is there we hear each other pains, enjoy each others happiness,
And Hoping to meet again,
We are avoiding all the background noises to concentrate on us ,
Wanting to hold that spark a lil. more for a while
Twinkling stars devote us as shining souls waiting to shoot n become one,
So that we can dance under stars, drunk over on wintery nights, talk hours and still
Want to hold the spark for a lil. more ….
I don’t know wheather this peice got right or make any sense as i am just a lot messed and feeling a lot right at the moment.
But I hope we instead of holding on to that forever , hold on to that spark that connects us to another person.
Written by: Booksnmuses

Title: ‘Like Her,

I wish I had what she had– 

There is just no fucking justice in this world,

The beautiful get everything

While the rest are left with the scraps.

How could I ever measure up

To someone like her?


It’s all so effortless for her– 

Surely being loved all the time is exhausting

But it never seems to show on her face.

Not only does she have it all,

She’s the essence of goodness

And fucking grace!

Who could ever compare

To a goddess like her?


It’s wrong of me thinking like this

Sinful even– 

Yet, I oscillate in that gray area,

living between hate and love.

I’d do anything to have what she has,

I would give anything to be able

To write like her

Written by: Secretthoughtswithin (Bree)

Title: ‘Ferocity,

I hate to see you go,

And regret my every breath,

Every thought,

And the injustice of it all.

Love is a journey,

And it was a pleasure,

In knowing you,

But I am selfish in wanting,

So much more.

More time for you,

To have been with your daughter,

And your husband.

Wanting to hold your hand,

A little longer.

Hug you tighter,

Hoping you would have,

Held onto your life,

With the same ferocity,

Your light burned,

And bathed in the glow of you,

Feeling the love, you poured,

From your soul like a fountain,

Filled with stardust.

The stars will shine brighter,

In the darkness,

Because there is one less,

Candle dancing,

In the chaotic winds of life.

It’s so hard losing,

Those who are the kindest souls,

To the winds and being scattered,

Across the plain of existence,

And knowing that their love,

Will forever be a part of the cosmos,

Instead of being shared among those,

Who deserved to love her more.

Written by: Nitejokertn (Clarence Plank)

Title: ‘No Title, 
Hey lust,
don’t scream your honey-dripping
tales and phrases into my ear.
I will not watch and listen,
those shifting images of sin sent 
through your network to my network,
all disguised in the coat of lies
to gain the entrance within. 
You’ll still try to hack my veins
and drip your poison on my brain,
I’m far from scared,
love is my remedy and my vaccine.
Written by: Fischervladi (Vladimir Fischer)

Title: ‘I Killed You,

I’m a murderer

I killed you a thousand times and more.

Yes I did it!

Like a cobra,

I had a poisonous venom of hate

For you and all that you are

And I never stopped wishing I was you.


I’m beautiful

but your beauty competes with the sun

Your rays glows even brighter.

So, I wished I was the rain

Thundering and falling

With my dark clouds

So you’ll never shine again.


It was always you!!

I hated you the more,

Much more than before.

I couldn’t say why i did it!

The feeling was strong and taunting

and every time It whispered

How I should have been you

Living your life and fame

And everyone singing my name.


So, I killed you countlessly in my mind.

Still, I couldn’t be you!

Written by: Esther Kalu

Title: ‘That Blond Girl,

I do not envy her

Her starving body or

Bright blue eyes. The warmth in her being

Reaches to the fifth star in the sky but falls short of the moon.


She cannot break away from portrayals of the past

Her sisters whisper in her ears

Tug at her earlobes with ghostly fingers until

They hang like a raindrop about to fall off a feather.


Unknowingly, without meaning to

She takes up her part. She is a willow twig caught in a stream

Pulled, pulled, away, though she is still attached to her mother tree

She says she walks in color: pink, yellow, blue. She walks in grey.

Her beauty hooks pretty fish

They were peacocks in another life.

She leaves them gasping on the rocky shore she calls love

Her front is a fairy but underneath she quells a demon.

Written by: Jaya Avendel

Title: ‘Lust,
We lay in bed
In a heap of sweaty love
Until the curtains stop
Holding the sun
And the light shines on two naked bodies
Those were strangers the night before
But the young lust runs deeper than unexpected
And sometimes a sinner meets another
A secret is hatched 
That only a look into the eyes can tell.
Written by: _Soulful_talks_ (Raksha Karan)

Title: ‘No Title,

La diabla was my wreck

La diabla was my breath

La diabla was who killed me as I rest

La diabla was my nightmare

La diabla is my reason

I dance I sing I kiss her cheek

La diabla was the reason I stand at my feet

The king the queen la diablas beauty speaks

It’s a common mistake as I eat away

Eat my head as I say thank you

La diabla killed my heart

She pierced my hand with a false love dart

Please dance as I sing

the key to my heart

You need to see

Keep my heart explode my mind

Please la diabla leave me alone at night

Here’s my ear dear listener read my lips

La diabla will come as soon as you finish chattering your lips

Here’s my words take my key

The world around you eats la diablas feet


Written by: Nick (Vigilante-Osito) 

Title: ‘The Burden,

Dying is easy when life is without Love.

Where Love can safe 

Pride will outweigh Love 

The ego forgets that pride is fake 

We all Are imperfect vessels 

When the ego fails one will find

That grief is really just Love 

We want but cannot give

Embrace the burden of imperfection 

When your pride becomes love 

Love will make you whole again.

Written by: Talitha Van Der Wolf

Title: ‘No title, 
The way her body molded to his
Was damnation in every sense of the word.
The tension rippled like stones on a lake,
Barely skimming the surface.
And the second their lips touched
Nothing else mattered.
They were each others’ forbidden fruit
Almost like a walking temptation.
He was all chiseled jawlines and woodsy scents
And she was all soft curves and exquisite features
A match made in hell.
Desire is what possessed them
Desire is what consumed them
Desire is what ruined them.
Because love is a chemical reaction, but lust? 
Lust is a death sentence.
Written by: Poorvi Kumar

Title: ‘The Greed Within,

With eagerness for sin,

madness rises within,

racing through,

cold and shadowed hearts.

Tainted souls then ravage,

filled with hate,

boiling mistakes,

becoming jealousy of the savage. 

Motivation has turned selfish.

The dark night then approaches,

a plot for revenge begins,

where false justice consumes the mind,

resulting in greed controlled spins.

Morality closes,

a world of destruction opens,

theft is now fully in motion.

The love for stealing presumes,

all rationality disappearing,

self beauty is completely doomed.

Written by: A Life With Poetry

Title: ‘No title,

Perfection was where you started to love me.

But people have always argued about how perfection is impossible, haven’t they?

I felt accustomed by choice to make fun of those keen people to have a negative aurora around themselves.

But one lazy night, you proved me wrong and proved them right.

I wonder still, was it your greed for my body and my heart that made you ruin the ivories of love or were they my deceiving, distrustful eyes that imagined those ivories to be ruined.

Me eyes didn’t shed a tear proving that they were right.

And now that you are gone,

I haven’t stopped believing still, that perfection is a thing not broken and not rotten.

And I haven’t stopped believing still, that your greed was a mortal, if not a venial sin.

Written by: A_mateur.pen (Deshna)

Title: ‘Everything You’ve Never Craved,
I look at you, from the heavenly kingdom,
right through the cumulus clouds,
the one I wanted to make,
the one I made and 
the one you made.
How does it feel, to feel helpless?
to feel hopeless?
to give away everything,  
you’ve ever worked for?
The Great Roman Empire!
How do you douse, the view?
How do you breathe, the air?
How do you walk, in the sands?
How do you survive, in everything that’s spoiled?
Is this what you wanted?
Is this what you loved and longed?
To be an empire?
To have your hands chained, 
your brain manipulated, 
your heart orchestrated to the worst tunes?
They feared me, called me a tyrant, 
they did everything in and above power, 
to throw me, toss me out and reject me.
But I held on to you, for a long time.
I got the cuts, deep in vein.
I bled, for the power of Rome, 
for the glory of Rome.
I fought endless days for you, 
to taste the fruit of victory, 
for you to dance through the sea, 
for you to sing like the waves of Tiber.
What did I ever do to receive all your hate?
Maybe, I was sinned by you, 
because you could never ever bring eminence.
Even though gods may descend down to earth,
you can never justify the blood I shed.
Soak yourself in, in everything you never craved.
Let yourself fade in everything you feared.
Let yourself be abashed, for all you’ve ever done is to give away every bit of the republic air 
into the hands of an emperor, let alone my son.
May the worlds always speak of you,
as the one who failed and me 
as the one who died protecting what I always believed.
Written by: Million Dreams (K)

Title: ‘Orgoglio,
The abusive love is villain
It flows through your veins 
And drowns your heart
Tearing us apart
Saying “I’m sorry”
With hustle and flurry
Isn’t a weakness
But a strength covered by sweetness
Whispering “forgive me”
Will set you free
Open your eyes
And start dating the beauty
The whole universe cries
For those who are too snooty
Ignore the hate, let your fears flow  
Unwrap your ego
Pride is more than a sin 
Is dancing with the evil and sing
A sad and spiteful melody
Once you silence your whims
You’ll find the light that beams
And guides you through the path to serenity. 
Written by: Filipa Moreira Da Cruz

Title: ‘Lust,

Lust isn’t bad 

It’s the deep thought which everyone keeps hidden inside the corner of their brain 

Lust always around it’s in the eyes of stranger spooks me out sometimes 

Sometimes I go crazy within my own lust and the bed. 

I am thrust 

I am hurt 

I am on high breathe with your voice and deep love 

I am on lust around the clock

For you and for your beautiful smile cover by the shine the moon on that dark skin on the face , which I never forget 

Waking up like a blossom and the butterflies in my stomach 

Touch is sweat slowing down my moan

Under the roof over the moon holding each other like a deep swim below the earth upon the light shows wide on the stars , shines like a planet between us

The moon and the stars coming along with the lust and ends on the love which never gonna end 

Stays over the ages.

Written by: Selfloveisme (Ritu)

Title: ‘Am I not greedy, 
Am I greedy?
or Am I not?
Am I not looking for more opportunities?
Am I not want ‘The Big Piece of Cake’?
Am I not hating my friends,
for their poor face?
I’m proud of my love –
‘The World’s best Ferrari’?
Am I not ‘biting my
own fingers’,
while watching the beautiful clothes and beautiful house
of my favourite Hollywood celebrity?
I’m kick-starting a bicycle,
Signed extra 1000 bucks to the waiter,
Went in a half-pant & t-shirt at an important office meeting,
Where are my manners gone?
Justice with yourself is important,
“ Am I completely greed free? ”,
I asked myself again and again.
Written by: Lokesh Sastya

Title: ‘Gluttony’s Epiphany

Gluttony’s epiphany wrapped in a Lenten paradox

Excess muted by the aroma of the fasting rose.

Its prickly thorns; temptations’ daggers, trimmed.

Travail resurrecting the Lazarus of true love’s consumption:

Living in the newness of Easter’s paradise –

Its Elysium fields

Pollinating wheat for eternal bread; the rose of Sharon.

Written by: Suzette Benjamin

Title: ‘No Tilte,

The fury in my blood runs cold.

It’s not a galloping horse, 

It’s not a flying dragon. 

It’s sinks into my bones,

and rests there motionless.

Eyes seeking an answer

to a question I run in my mouth for ages.

Mouth turned to ashes, ashes into dust. 

The Sin I once committed, 

I find it filled with beauty.

The justice you once claimed.

I find it filled with hate. 

You have deceived me greatly. 

As greatness follows you in each deceitful act.

I once loved and loved like no one ever dared. 

I seek no revenge but on my tortured heart.

The piece of flesh that beat for you.

Now pumps in wrath in my soul. 

I sink in deeper in my chagrin. 

Tomorrow rage is what will move me.

To restore what you have left of me.

Written by: TheHiddenK (K)

Title: ‘Pride, (Haiku)
You float above all
beauty is in your self-love
If only you woke
Written by: Crimsonposy

Title: The Phoenix


Written by: Jewels K.

Title: ‘Lust,

here is a beauty in sin

None left righteous or holy in their own

A fall to temptation leaves all mankind in a state of chaos which none are left to be perceived as perfect. With every waking breath mankind is left shaken to the core, rocked with waves of delightful, delicious chaos meant to take their soul to the highest peaks of self pleasure and left to be devoured by hellish demons once the folly of conscious sets in

The most beautiful of all sin is that of lust

A craving for intimacy that overtakes the body and mind and leaves a foggy overflow of desire. Even the strongest wills can be overtaken by a need for the comfort of another body. Humans are designed to be creatures of a lustful nature. Covetous with wandering eyes and drifting thoughts, dreams of deviation affect those meant to keep their purity. A devoted spirit can be so easily manipulated and broken to the point of craving devilish things they were taught to reject

It’s dirty

We have been taught to deny and dismiss anything that might give way to it being known that we receive pleasure from even the most basic lustful thoughts. Sometimes the craving is too deep to handle, sometimes a poor soul will fall from their pedestal of grace and into the pits of spoil

That wonderful descent into maddening enjoyment brings forth an amazing question for which man has no answer

Why is something so sublimely devine viewed with such adamant disgust?

Written by: Ali Eli 

Title: ‘Time’s Golden Costums,
When do I count the clock that goes with time?
Pride went with youth’s beauty,
Envy was struck dumb by winning heart’s desire, 
Wrath, wrath walks with me still to see the brave day sunk in hideous night.

Holidays were gluttony til my summer’s green was all girded up in sheaves.

One day my tired gluttony grabbed a wiser envy’s hand and left in search of a youthful bearer.

Greed. Greed is a void which cannot be filled.

Lust. Oh, lust. You. You. You found alteration.

You were the fire now borne on the bier with white and bristly beard.

Sloth. Only sloth remains by my side And nothing ‘gainst Time’s scythe can make defence,
Nothing. For there is no justice in this world.
Written by: Dune Light (Kim Mcdaniel)
Title: ‘The Snake,
The Snake is always there
It burns the heart with its sinful poison
It burns my eyes with hate
My lungs squeeze the shouts of wants and needs
The Snake is always there
In every lovely couple and every millionaire
In every happy grin and smile
In the scowls and glares of the higher ups
It laughs at the frowns and clenched jaws I bear.
The Snake is always there
It bites into the sliver of hope and longing and leaves it’s burning poison of hate and envy
It takes my breath away with thoughts of deadly sins and heavenly actions
It tells me to take, and to take and to take
The Snake is always there
In every straight A and every dream job
It bends my mind like a page in a fairy tale
It sings songs of somes happy ending and my never after
The Snake is always there
In everyone’s good fortune and my misfortune
It smiles at my distress and cackles at my tears
The Snake is always there.
Written by: Iliana Barreto

Title: ‘The Hunter’s Gun,

In the beauty of Africa, I pride myself.
Dancing with the Stars.
Enjoying my sandcastle hut.
With palm wine and friends.
Then he came with a smiling face and opened hands.
I embraced it.
Run, cried my mother. 
He is the hunter run.
Run my child, he has come to take blood
Lust in his power, the hunter ceased my breath.
Leaving me lifeless to the open winds.
Was I wrong to embrace him?
Should I have waited longer?
I could hear mama crying, oh my child,
You’ve been caught in the hunters net.
You’ve been fooled by his smile. 
The gods of our land heal our soul.
All I wanted was justice.
Justice for our future.
Justice to be treated as a human and not animal.
Justice to walk freely.
Justice to say no when it matters.
All I asked was justice.
As my poor soul lie on the open field,
I remember the songs of my youth.
Freedom lies in the hand of the beholder.
Beauty lies within the heart.
Love is a selfless act.
But I am consumed with hate.
Hate for the hunter.
He raped my innocence.
Took away my dreams and happiness.
On a black Thursday night.
October 20th two thousand and twenty
Who will save us?
Lust in his power, 
He shot at me twice. 
My voice drives him mad.
Beautiful vultures he called. 
Go and meet your ancestors.
You who think you can challenge my authority.
You who think you can get justice.
You who think you have the freedom of speech.
One by one he shot at us.
As my black blood drew the map of Nigeria in the open fields, I took a peek at my end.  Wondering what I could have done differently.
Written by: TheBlacksHome (Abigail)

Title: ‘Her Dark Secret,

All seven sins maybe deadly
But when lady lust demands
Their imaginations run riot
To a limb entangled dance.
Sometimes his lust’s too coarse
Just her just cause be followed
She commands he screams her name
Straight out the window he hollows.

(He wants)

Proud to shout with immediacy
As she hates to hear him fail
Delights in threats of torture
Driving deep her darkened nails.
She wrestles purity over conscience
Concerns for losing her religion
With persuasion he reassures
But survival’s her only mission.

( She trusts)

Her sensual, strangled gasps to breathe
As whales sound spouting air
The intensity has quickened
He’s transfixed into her stare.
Her soul’s physically crushed
But her spirit just endures
In spite of many flowery words
He deceptively insured.

(He takes)

The eardrums of love are beating
Reach all points of no return
She surrenders to his sweet injustice
As temptation has been served.
A higher state of consciousness
Possessive intrusive thoughts
She’s no repenting to atone for
For Satan has never been caught.

( She trusts)

With the span of his hands quite idle
Stretched from grave to even graver
Still another six sins to sample
Such pleasure her treasure savoured.

(He leaves)

Written by: Keith Burton

Title: Plea

I envelope you like threads running on a bolt

Fastening our love with my trust and hope

Resting beneath your gossamer breath

Time is kind to move like a sloth


Searching the vein running to your heart

My fingers trace all paths up and down

This dazzling terrain that I want to rule

Let me be your queen, give me the crown


In warmth of our embrace moments ignite

Burning our passion in the romantic night

Let us puncture our heart and it will never

excite for any other soul of any other kind


Tonight I beg you to reach the depths

Deeper than the length of time we’re apart

Let our parts of our heart melt into one

I demand justice for our long lost love.

Written by: Shooting Nebula

Title: ‘Her Wish,

The snow is falling.

The ground is sparkling white.
Yet within her green eyes,
There is no such light.
She wants what she lacks.
She wants what they hold dear.
She screams this aloud,
For the wind to hear.
“Why should others have it?
I know it’s a sin,
But if I can’t get it,
I don’t want others to win.”
“Is it justice that some have more?
Do I not deserve it at all?”
She made a wish.
And it “became” her downfall.
They found her in the snow
And started to cry.
As they rushed to her side,
They had one question: “Why?”
She could not answer
As they say “I love you.”
They cry and sob.
“Did you not love us too?”
They hold her close
-As they always had-
But she never noticed.
Isn’t that sad?
Written by: W, Lee

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