Here, on earth, I glance through life,

in search, for guidance and good.

but my voice, lost in trance, woke

the inner past of my childhood.

as I wonder, with youth, to whom

would I have become as should?


What am I,

If the universe of eternal life

would luster with the spark of my earthstar?

For I lightly see the bad in my chest,

I hold hope away from my bad memoir.

As I am the good in your heart

I remember the darkest places by far.


Why do I speak?” I asked myself.”

Couldn’t I be the observer of my light?

If there was a voice that could hear me

I amend my soul to you for eternal night.

Oh hear me,

Oh hear me,

as I say;

“Oh hear me until my last fight.”

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‘To ride & write, 

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“To Ride & Write”

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With much love & inspiration written by me,

Stamp of approval

10 thoughts on “‘Everlasting,

  1. Soni Cool😎 says:

    Woooooo… Deep!!! Touching!!!! Amazing lines as always Jojo… Since many days could not get time to go through posts of you and others due to tight schedule!!! Sorry… Still luckily i read your posts on insta😃💖💖💖💖 and yeah, Happy friendship day Jojo💖💖💖💖

    Liked by 2 people

    1. jojo alwaealy says:

      Soooni, thank you so much, dear friend! I always appreciate your support! Doesn’t matter how often you got time to read my work, I appreciate any of them!! Take care of yourself, Soni! Keep rocking on your blog and Instagram! Loving your vibe♥️♥️❤️❤️❤️

      Liked by 1 person

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