Part 1

Whenever mirrors unreflect

my past I feel locked out.

Where I have to find me

as the world stands still by my doubt.

Whom amidst to my soul

If my reason of life

has to be my full of grace.

For I am always yours,

to my life I say;

“why hide for disgrace!”

Breath in, breath out,

The moonlight echoes into space.

There ought to be a light

rising with hope as I embrace.

Watch over my shoulder

as they are my angels

whom guide me to my place.

Yet, with wonderful chaos,

I remember your face!

Part 2 

Part 3

Part 4 

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‘To ride & write, 

As you maybe know I have a goal that I want to achieve before my 30th (march 15th 2023). “To Ride & Write” that’s my newest long-term goal I want to achieve. My first goal that I have to achieve is; Save enough money so I can buy a used van and pimp it up to a caravan. After I have done that the rules are simple; To ride and write (poetry style). I Want you to know as much as possible I can share with you, So the simplest thing I can do now is giving you a update about my savings; At This moment I have got 1000,- euros in my savings account. 

Want to know more, just click here: “To Ride & Write”

“To Ride & Write”

Help me to achieve my goal!


With much love & inspiration written by me,

Stamp of approval

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