Oh’ hear my heart

and listen to the blood streaming

through my veins, to as I hear the rhythm of three.

“I…. Love…… You.”

To this day I have seen

the beauty behind the stars

wherefore the ohms have spoken to me.

A World hiding behind mother’s elite,

as by night we see.

To you I say;

“Let me be the one,

whereas a soul bewitched my heart freely.”

A Light flicker on my path

as I surrender my heart to thee.

Do I not feel?

Do I not reckon my love?

Do I not see?

To you I say;

“I love you,

As you are the one to be.”

29 responses to “‘Allure,”

  1. Aww wow jojo 🌹🌹 this is very very beautiful. There is a deep sweetness in this piece. If only our hearts could speak hey! There would much less chaos in the world. You expressed your words in a gentle and special way peacefully jojo, lovely poem. Love it ❤️❤️

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    • Hihihih thank you so much, Amirah 🤭🤭 goshh, wouldn’t it be beautiful IF our hearts could speak. like in a way the world would understand, so there wouldn’t be that much hate/chaos/killing and whatsoever!! Amen to that, A! On the bright side though, I’m glad you loved my poem. Once again!!🤭🤭❤️❤️ Always appreciate your loving words!

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  2. Yeah absolutely true…. If only ☹️. Your so welcome. You deserve all the praise that you receive ❤️❤️

    Liked by 2 people

      • Haha cool… Just speaking the truth 🌹. (Hope your head isn’t getting bigger though 😉🤣🤣). Jokes ☺️❤️

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      • Hahahaha 😂😂 that would be something 😳😂 look it at the bright side, if my head would become bigger than it would finally catch up with my nose 😳😂😂 it’s like the one didn’t connect with the other…. 😏🤫 Ps, I like to make fun about myself 🤓🤓

        Liked by 1 person

      • Ahhahahaha. touche 😂😂😂😂 goddamit, you got me!!! That’s the whole Reason why I had the moustache, so people wouldn’t notice my nose 👀 hahaha nahh, it started as a “Freddy Mercury” joke and eventually I was like… Hmmm how big can I let it grow before I want to cut it😏😏


  3. I am amazed by how you manage to express such deep emotions through a flawless flow of words! This took me somewhere else (in a good way, of course😌) 🌸💕

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