‘Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award,

The Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award is an award given to upcoming bloggers for their role in inspiring their readers as well as their fellow bloggers. Being nominated for these awards is a sign that all of our hard work and putting our thoughts out there for everybody to read isn’t exactly in vain. On days when we’re feeling stuck, with absolutely no idea of where we’re going with our blogs, it’s nice to know that we’re making a difference, no matter how big or small the scale is.



First things first, I didn’t expect Nawazish to nominate me for this award. We just started to exchange words with each other, I think a week or 2, and I already got nominated for this award! Nawazish is an Inspiring blogger and writer to be! the contents are always up to date and really great read! So, I want to Thank Nawazish for this nomination, And I want you Guys to check out The Lightening Bug Blog!!!


Question by the lovely Nawazish; 

I want people to be more compassion and loving to one and another! There is too much hate going on lately. “Love” Is my number one motto for life, for eternity, for change and greater achievements. WE, and only WE, can change that. (Pay it forward)

Life is hard at times, But kindness and self-respect gets you to the place you desire! Never give up on hope and always go for greatness, but DO NOT HARM anyone!

It sounds silly but I think; I stopped smoking for 10 months now! that was a hard thing do achieve, and I am glad I still didn’t have the urge to start again!

Through dawn and dusk we shine and see the beauty in Mother Nature. We have only short brief of moments to appreciate the little things around us, and those little things reminds us to achieve greatness. even if we have to blindly trust out guts!!

Nothing is just “black and white” to and for me. There are always way more of looking at things than we think we can. same goes for;  is your red the same as my red? All opinions matter and is in their way right and correct!

My question for my nominees are; 

  1. What is your favourite genre/subject to write about?
  2. Your all time favourite feel good movie?
  3. What did you want to be when you were a kid?
  4. How often do you write in a day?
  5. I bet you haven’t seen any of the movies but yet I will ask; Star Wars or Star Trek, Whats your favourite? 😉 (little geek over here, FYI)

My next and dearest nominees are; 

  1. LiaThePoet
  2. TheHiddenK
  3. J.M Lilin
  4. MillionDreams
  5. PoojaG


To my nominees I want to say; Thank you so much for always sharing your lovely work with the community. I Always feel pleased to read your diverse and stunning work! In all your ways its superb and inspiring! Thanks to you I get the feeling to write, to share and to feel the love for writing! Don’t ever stop, don’t ever give up and don’t ever lose the spirit! Keep going, Keep loving and keep sharing!

Ps, LiaThePoet, I can’t stop growing my little moustache. I Have a little problem!


54 responses to “‘Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award,”

  1. So many congratulations on getting the wonderful award and your wonderful blog post. Loved reading your answers. You Really deserve this award and Keep up the good work.

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  2. Heyyyyyyyyyy JoJo! Aren’t you the man of sweet surprises? 😍 Thank you so much for the nomination and your kind words. I loved reading your answers! Especially about the dusk and Dawn and the lesson you learnt from your father!! Congratulations on the award you deserve it!!! 😍😍❤️ Will post my answers asap! Hope you are doing well!!!! you’ll have my answers asap!! Lots of love and hugs!!!❤️❤️❤️

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    • Hihihih “blushing”🙈😳 I Always try my best,K😏 You truly deserve the nomination.

      I’m glad you loved reading my answers. Hihihih. Yeah…. I’m lost with words 🙈 I’m Just thankful for your support and you truly Inspire, K. Don’t ever give up❤️❤️

      cant wait to see your answers on my questions, though🥰 Take your time.

      And I’m doing fine, I hope you’re fine as well? Hugs and kisses back❤️❤️😘


    • Nawazich, thank you once again for the nomination ❤️ I loved answering your questions. I’m glad you loved it. To you too a blessed week😊❤️


  3. Loved your answers and your questions are creative as well. Thank you so much for nominating me. I wish I could express how much all the support and nominations mean to me. 💙 I will work on this ASAP. Thanks again 😊

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    you deserve the best of awards, you truly inspiring.

    Thank you so much for nominatting me, I feel so honored and blessed, I am having some bad days lately, and this uplifted my spirits so high! I feel energized and that part of my life is fine, since people can reach out and read my poetry as well as appreciate it, just the way you do, I am beyond thankful.

    I want to give you a pat in the back, for your courage, I am proud of you. Yes, you did good by stopping smocking, please take good care of your health.💖💖

    Have an amazing day/night 💕

    (I will update both this and the latter nominations that you have given me last time) promise, I 😅😅won’t be that late, and I would love to answer all your exciting questions


    • K, thank you so much ♥️♥️ “blushing”

      You truly deserve it, you are an amazing writer. Don’t ever doubt yourself ♥️ I’m sorry to hear that you had bad days lately. I hope everything is going well today? Please take care of yourself and keep writing, one of the best outlet to share your emotions with us.
      If there is anything you need just let me know ♥️

      I’m still very happy that i stopped smoking, K. Thanks for the support ♥️♥️
      Take your time, i wil see your answers when you are ready 😘😘

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  5. Jojo… first off, that last line lol. Your moustache is glorious, would be defo hard to imagine you without it, but I’m sure you’re just as handsome both ways or always haha. ;)) 💋

    Dearest blog friend…. what can I say? You are the sunshine in a foggy bloggy day, you are the light that makes waves glad to play, you are the boost of energy a tired plant needs to grow, you are the oxygen that gives inner light its flow. You are… Jojo. 😍☀️🤗🌻🙏💛

    I love, love love reading your answers… so beautiful, your wish for the world, such a wonderful intention which you live every day that we know you. And such wonderful wisdom from your dad, too. And that you quit smoking, I totally get this, I often forget this… I quit over 2 years ago, I didn’t smoke much but I was obsessed thinking about my next puff and I just got tired of that, among other more noble reasons. ;)) Well done. In the smoke-loving Netherlands no less! But I think people begin to smoke there less. Bravissimo!

    Love your questions too. I will answer them for you a bit later, maybe here or there or anywhere. Main thing was to tell you…. THANK YOU!!!!! For all you do. Truly. You help sustain me. I hug you. ❤️


    • Hahaha aahww 🙈🙈 you make me blush, Lia😳🙈 stop doing that to me. (actually not, keep going)

      I truly Loved your poem about me, damn lia 🙈😍 i just can’t find the right words to respond… You’re amazing. You make my heart sing with joy. I love how you can do that to me♥️♥️

      I’m so glad you loved my answers though. There is already enough hate on the only earth we have, so if we can change it a little bit a day it wil brighten the world a little more! 😊♥️ The pay it forward concept is the best thing 🙏🏽

      And yes, smoking. My habit was like 1 pack for 2 days. So not totally addicted, but i was done with it. It was time for change, and i saved all the money that i usually used for cigarettes and that’s how i paid for my motorcycle lesson and exams. 😊♥️ My motivation.

      Dear, lia. Take your time. Don’t feel rushed answering my questions. Take care of yourself and don’t forget to smile, sunshine ♥️😘😊

      Your dear friend, jojo!
      Hugs and kisses ♥️😘😊

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