The sky is so clear by angels of the world; speak to my soul.

Bewitched narrow minded of dreams

to make me shiver once again I felt whole!

You slowly pass me,

you slowly look at me,

you slowly speak to me.

Angelic spirit of flee,

speak to thee,

walk me through your path of free,

For I am chosen to run into mothers sea!

I was,

I will,

I shall be the truth in your heart.

To depart I seek love within eyes art!

23 gedachten over “‘Angeliferous,

  1. I read this one a few times over… last night and now. This time very slowly, and aloud… I have determined it is a bewitching of sorts. 😏🌌🎩✨ “I shall be the truth in your heart.” Well, I hope it works… ;)) Love your soul, and your art, dear Jojo. Yes it would be grand to have you as the truth in one’s heart. :)) 🙏💛🤗🔆

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    1. Ahwww, you are so amazing. I love it when you really take your time to read my work. That makes it so beautiful to have you as a true blogger and friend! Ones truth, ones heart. To give, share and receive ♥️♥️♥️ blessed by your soul. 😘

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      1. Such kind words Jojo, thank you for the lovely reply! And sorry I didn’t see this till now! :))) xoxoxoxo 😚😚💕💕🤗🤗

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    1. Omg Karunya, Thank you so much for the nomination ❤️❤️ you are truly amazing. I just love to read your work and you are a truly amazing WP friend to talk to. So that’s why I Always try to support you. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU SO MUCH 😍😍😍 I Always try my best to make my friends feel loved and apparently you feel my love. First you have to know that you did truly deserve the nomination, because you are a amazing friend ( and writer) as well ❤️❤️
      Secondly, I’m truly thankful for the nomination once again.

      Miss, Karunya. You Will receive my answers this Sunday ❤️❤️😍😍 Take care and have a lovely week.

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      1. Thank you so much, JoJo! You are really great friend anyone would meet online and a great writer! ❤️ Your kind words always makes me very happy. Thank you and congratulations! You deserve it. There are a lot of thank you’s above 😅. I guess one is enough! 😅. Please do take your time and post it whenever you can! Lots of love!!! ❤️❤️❤️

        Geliked door 1 persoon

      2. Haahha oepsie, I was a little bit excited yesterday 🙈🙈 yesterday I had my motorcycle exam and I passed it, so I was in a really good mood 😂😂😳 but, I’m still really thankful ❤️ lots of love back ❤️

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