“Therefore, the art of composing

of a reality in a rose.”

For I am a whisperer of tongue,

scared and young.

To shout the truth,

concur nevertheless of screaming youth.

“Arise” – I spoke, “Arise, and stand your right.”

I Am who

I was to be,


and young to see.

I Am risen

and spoken free.

By the thought of men,

whispering words of “Amen.”

To ask for forgiveness,

shoreless in search for the time of when.


30 responses to “‘Discomfiture,”

  1. This image is really interesting with this. It changes the expected perspective somewhat. Always love that you have this signature style Jojo ❤︎❤︎

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much, Lia. I’m glad you noticed that. I did try to make a difference between the picture and the words and yet connect with one another! Especially glad for naming it my “signature” style 😊😊 thanks for the amazing compliment, Lia❤️


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