With the tip of my tongue I say; “I haven’t lost myself in years”, but yet I asked god for forgiveness in tears. I was ready……ready to kill my fears. Nothing can take me away from my music of the spheres.

With the tip of my tongue I say; “Though I shall run to the underworld and defeat that ever can be hurled”. Never lost nor never won, and for I shall be done. I will hurl that handgun and never lose my hope as number one.


6 gedachten over “‘hurl,

  1. I love this Jojo, the first and last lines of this particularly – to toss aside weapons and to place the candle of hope at the forefront. And hope begins when we ask god for forgiveness. So inspiring. 🕯🙏💛🔆

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    1. Thank you so much, Lia. I’m glad you understood the message I was trying to say!☺️ By asking for forgiveness, we start to forgive ourselves, And only than we can move on!
      I’m glad you found it inspiring ❤️💞

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