The truth is; I’m speechless and taken away,

All I have given was gone in a way.

Knock me down and promise me today; “For I am

Empty hearted, my soul sleeps restless to pray. “


My name written down and forgotten by heart. “Have you

Ever felt like you didn’t belong?” To be inside, to be a part?


Home is where I’m safe, home is my world view,

Once we took a chance to fall we can only rise through.

Milady, it was you who withdrew.

Even I knew we had nothing to look up to.

19 gedachten over “‘home,

      1. I really did find it uncanny Jojo… I privately wrote something around the same time, kind of similar feeling to it but just a quickie, nowhere near the artistry. So to then read this immediately after, coincidence though it is, was like confirmation of ebbing epiphany. Anyway… thanks, for all your inspiring poetry. 💛🔆🌗😚🌌😊🙏

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      2. Ohw wow, Lia 😳 that’s kinda amazing! I actually would love to know what you actually wrote one day!
        I love how words connect us. How it inspires us to do great… And by that I mean; thank you. I’m glad you find my poetry inspiring. That you and I Keep inspiring one and another for a greater purpose. 💟🙏🏽🙏🏽😘

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    1. Hi, seraja. First I want to apologize for the late respond. Apparently your message was sent to my spam section and I just noticed it.

      Secondly, thank you so much for liking my post. Especially because you’re an Freddy mercury fan, as I am a fan as well. So thank you for taking interest in me, seraja.
      And if I’m correct you understand Dutch, right? Bedankt voor het lezen van mij bericht en het liken ervan! Ik waardeer het enorm 💙


  1. Wonderfully composed. A wonderful flow of words. The flow and the emotion makes it such an evocative read. I love the tenderness to it. Reminds of this song by John Denver called ‘ Country roads take me home ‘ Way to. Fills my eyes with the nostalgia and comfort of home. Lovely and warm.

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