‘Offshore Reader Award #2,

The Award Rules:

To my lovely readers,

Yes, this is true ladies and gentleman. My second “offshore reader award”, this time by the lovely J.M Lilin. Before I start thanking this lovely lady for the award I want to say something else to her. I just noticed a couple days ago that I misspelled your name in one of the previous nomination, So I truly want to apologise for that one and I hope you can forgive me for that?

Secondly, I want to thank miss J.M Lilin for this amazing award. the funny thing is I nominated her as well for this award a week ago! Such an amazing supporter, friend and writer all in one combination. She writes with such graze and beauty. Her work is outstanding and always a dear pleasure to read.

J.m lilin
The Unsigned Writer

So feel free to check out her lovely blog, read some of her amazing works and be one of the few lucky one’s who has the privilege to follow her and have a supporter back! J.M lilin Don’t be afraid, just one click away!

Question asked by J.M Lilin;

If you could send an anonymous message out to all the writers just beginning their journey, what would you tell them?

Hmm. This is a great question, Jade. I Think I would say the next thing; there is no good and wrong in writing, there is no excellent and bad in writing, there are no top 10 best authors and poets. There is only one great critic and that’s yourself, and only you can judge your own work. Does it mean that the top 11 to 20 writers are less good as the top 10? no it does not, because we all have a different taste in reading. By making sure you love the work you share, you feel like you can touch anyone soul and mind with it, than you have accomplished the beauty in writing! “one community, one goal. To write and inspire”

My wonderful nominees are:

To my nominees I ask the next question;

What do you love more, to write or to read? you have to pick one!

To my nominees, and the rest of the world, I say;

please take care of yourself. make sure your own happiness is always number one priority. We just have one life to live. by thou means; do whatever you can to make this world a little more beautiful and brighter. We are the beauty in this world! So, let us be the spirit for our future kids!

Ps, LiaThePoet;

Jojo stamp of approval

Your words of play make me cry,
A little laugh,
Shows me brightest smile,
chant a little weep,
Dream, and shall I not say;
Believe in hope.
On your most dominant day.

32 responses to “‘Offshore Reader Award #2,”

  1. Jojo… I can’t believe this…. so kind. Too kind!!!! What can I say. Your poem is so beautiful and you always ‘get me back to stay’ too. 🥰🙏 Jade is wonderful, as are you. I love your answers, such great advice there, ‘tis true. ❤️ I will try to follow it best as I can. :)))) Dear friend, for all your kindness and awesomeness, a very huge THANK YOU!!!! et gros bisous 😚😚💋💋 💛💛🙏🌷🌷 🤗🤗🎉

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    • Hehehe 😳🙈 my surprise worked!!!! I’m glad you loved it, Lia 😊 Jade is wonderful, isn’t she😊 thank you for liking my answer though 🙈 it’s Always hard to give the best advice 😅. Always my pleasure, dearest Lia ❤️ Take care of yourself, Grote kusjes terug 😚😚💋💋❤️❤️🤗

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  2. Thank you, Jojo, for accepting the nomination and the kind words. You inspire me more and more everyday. Loved you answers. Go back to my idea of you being so brilliantly inspiring. Glad us writers are on the same path. Thank you so much for all your creativity, imagination, and inspiration. You make a canvas of wonderful colors that most are too afraid to pull out.

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    • And thank you, jade, for nominating me for this award!! I’m glad I could be an inspiration to you, don’t know why, but I’m glad 🙈 and yes Indeed, glad we writers are Indeed on the same path! Makes the journey a Little more fun to ride on. Thank you so much for all you kind words, jade. I feel honoured, and I truly appreciate it ❤️ ❤️ Take care of yourself, and never give up writing!!

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