I’m a lost soul writing throughout your mind.

For the willingness of envy you shall not easily offend me.

I chant while you weep,

I laugh while you break

and I rise while you descent from my eye.

To not to mention war,

(To not speak strong mouth,)

You shall deflower your soul.

thoughts you had and thought I would do.

To tell the truth;

This will I never be,

Never can be,

Never been raised to be,

I Have been chasing, nothing has been wasted,

From the chant of “You had me at hello” to

the rising voice of beauty that I have tasted.

I Am free,

Dancing through the melody of waves sea.

I Am to be,

Myself, as I have chosen to see.

I Will Flee,

To the future that beholds me.

43 responses to “‘kalopsia,”

  1. Wow… this poem is one of my absolutely favourites of yours so far… it’s just wonderful the unusual way you put the words together, and the deep feelings and the love flowing through it, and yet the freedom… to me it’s just such a great example of true love.

    The image is perfect with it as well… what a gorgeous gal, and such a great layout, a sort of innocent but sensual and aware wildness. Kudos!!

    Jojo… I don’t know how I missed this one last night, you told me your posting dates and I got them all mixed up in my head somehow lol, and my feed is just too full these days, also coincided with dinner here and kids’ storytime/bedtime etc.. anyway…. it’s amazing.

    Congrats on another beautiful piece, and hugs from not-too-far. ;))

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    • Awww, Lia 😍😍 this is such a huge compliment 🙊 thank you so much, the moment I saw your name pop up, and read your comment. You made my heart melt and got me the biggest smile on my face!!! You’re truly amazing! ♥️

      Don’t feel stupid for almost “missing” it. We are all busy and working! I totally get. I have been busy myself as well, but I’m still glad you found some time to read my work 😍😍

      But back to the basics, I’m so glad you loved this one so much. So thank you for your amazing soul ♥️♥️♥️ hugs and kisses 🤗🤗🤗😘😘♥️♥️♥️🙈🙈🙊🙊

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      • Ahhh Alexandra, thank you so much. I love this song. it’s so beautiful ♥️

        Thanks for connecting one with another! 🤗♥️ I kinda love hoe you do this 😊

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      • This is so true, Alexandra. Real love is Indeed too good to fall. You have to Keep on working in your relationship if you want it to work, but; self-love is the number one priority. If you aren’t in love with yourself how do you expect anyone else could?

        I have been in “toxic” relationship wherein my “other half” couldn’t love herself and only saw the “worst” in herself, and that didn’t help the relationship “evolve” into something more.
        But the past is the past for an Reason, I can only learn from it. But mostly I can write poetry about my experiences, and that’s why I love how words connect with one another 🤗❤️

        Please Take care of yourself, have a lovely week, Alexandra ☺️


      • I feel like everybody now has been or still be in toxic relationships, which leads me to two questions: Where are you guys meeting your potential partners? And what is a toxic relationship?
        Sometimes we should stop and analyze what we are doing, what kind of people we are selecting to let in our lives, and stop dating as long as we can to cure and understand our internal emotional wounds.

        Another interesting thing I have seen through the years is this: Men are so traumatized that when they find an amazing woman, they say she too good to be true. And this is a kind of justification that they tell themselves to smooth insecurities and because they are used to live in chaos and hurt. Then they will chase what feels safe for them, emotionally broken women, unavailable women, or bitchs. The kind of women that when you look to them, their faces exactly say who they are.

        This situation works for women also, not only for men. Even though we all carry at some point emotional wounds from childhood, there is a big difference, we are adults now, and we can choose a healthy pathway if we are aware and if we want too.

        Take care of yourself, also! ❤


      • Those are very deep thoughts. This is so true though, for me it’s; i have been in 2 relationships since ever. I wss never “looking” for relationship or whatever. She will come when she will come. I hate that people put a pressure behind the fact that we should be dating or whatever. Im single since a year ago, and the changes i have been through are much more than i have been in a relationship to be honest. I really take my time to evolve in this beautiful world we have, Experience new things everyday and dare to do what frightens me more and more everyday. When I was in a relationship i was a smoker, my ex always asked me to stop and things like that, but I couldn’t do it. 2 months after the break up a switch in my head changed in a moment and now I’m 10 months cigarette free.
        So yeah, the question you ask is indeed true. We, in a way, look for in a relationship where there is a “trouble minded person”. When we look for “love”

        Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Alexandra ♥️

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      • I would say that it was more about you than about her because from what you wrote, I could sense it was a period where you weren’t ready for a relationship. You liked the idea of having someone, but the task itself was a little bit upsetting. The interesting part of this is that women and even men tend to stay too long with people that aren’t relationship material. In the early stages of dating, there are good artists at making you believe that they want a relationship, and then when they have it, they run away like the devil from the cross.

        Let’s be honest people are whimsical, and with all this internet dating era, they are becoming even more whimsical. One day they are into you, and the next one it’s over. Is this healthy? Not really!

        I have to say so much more, but it is enough for now 😉

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      • True true, Alexandra. People theses day’s are more and more whimsical! Not healthy at all, but yeah. Time changes, so people as well.

        Hahaha, don’t Worry about “saying to much” it’s all fine by me☺️ have a lovely evening, Alexandra 😏

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  2. This is so beautiful, and the message behind it is tragic. This is a good way of showing contrast between the sophisticated language and the brutal situation of toxic relationships. Keep it up!!

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    • Omg, ali 🙈 thank you so much. Thank you for reading my work and taking your time♥️ I appreciate it very much. 😊 I’m glad you loved the contrast♥️


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