‘Faire la bise,

Everything around me went dark.

The light she sparkled was like the sunrise,

while moving counter clockwise she spoke softly;

“to a drip of tear, to a sniff of cry, I seek for thou eye.”

Let me hold your heart,

let me kiss your smile,

let me feel your grace,

for I’m chanting my soul to your known “faire la bise.”

Crossing my mind to behold my wish with the wise,

I scream for your attention into the bluest skies.









the spoken lies.

For I speak to love,

For I share my heart,

For I grant you my thoughts,

Let me say “I love you.”

from the beginning of earth endwise.

37 responses to “‘Faire la bise,”

  1. This is so beautiful, so charming, so dazzling. I fell in love with the emotions and feelings. It feels like dancing in Paris under the lights, I truly loved this poem WOW

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  2. ‘for I’m chanting my soul to your known “faire la bise.”’ I love this, I feel like it’s the core of the poem somehow, and I find it has a kind of deeper meaning, what with Covid here in France no one can “faire la bise” (cheek-kiss greeting) anymore… the poem feels of imposed or implied distancing, and deepest yearning, and a kind of free spiritedness which is sensual but also very sweet. What a poetic treat, I loved the part where it falls down word by word and ends much the way it began, with the earth and the spinning and counterclockwise, like she is the earth. And the seeming implied hint of endworld… so beautiful Jojo 💛😚😚💕🌌🙏🌻🌍💫🤩

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    • Pfff, Lia….. Lia.. Lia😍😍
      First things first: WOW❤️🙏🏽 this comment is heartwarming to my soul, thank you ❤️

      Secondly, “faire la bise” was the core sentence of the whole poem indeed.
      I just don’t know what to say, the emotions and feelings you got from my poem. WOW.
      It’s funny you mentioned the “words falling down part. Word by word”… I was really hoping if it would work, the whole poetry was just me connected with the words. And didn’t think about the “set up”. It was just emotions dancing through my body into words.

      Ughh don’t know where to start😂, i love your whole comment 😍😍😍😍

      Thank you so much, Lia❤️
      Let me just say i; I love your soul ❤️❤️
      You got the brightest smile on me today☺️😍💞

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      • You are the sweetest Jojo… thanks for your beautiful heartfelt reply. Yes it really felt like you went with the flow… wonderful. I love your soul too. Thanks always for the kindness and the love. 🥰💛😍💕

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      • Hihihi, and thank you very much for your precious time, lia❤️❤️ the flow was indeed in me 🙈🙈

        Btw, did you go “private” once again? 😥 Too much social media?

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      • I did yes, and yes… and you’ve (perhaps inadvertently) helped bring it online again. Thanks lovely friend. 😉🥰😚❤️🤗

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  3. As usual JoJo 😍 this is beautiful especially let me hold your heart and let me kiss your smile ❤️ I have no words to describe how beautiful it is! ❤️❤️❤️❤️😍

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  4. Hey, there! I hope you are doing good. I nominated you for The Ideal Inspiration Award. Please check out my blog Gratitude for Nominations I for more details.

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  5. I don’t wanna say more, but would say adding it to my favourites!!!

    I sometimes feel that I really am a kid, that is getting to read your poem and as a childish soul maybe I don’t know what to write but trust me I am getting to feel your every poems, like some are so near to my heart, like I always reread your poems all those which I’ve added to my favourites, and whenever I get some time free I write it down in my diary beholding your name yes, I kiss it’s page and I hug that book, cuz you know your poems as usual I’ve told soothes my soul, like an calm music wandering into my veins to make a smile on my face, and also like I just perfumed my body with your poems words which reflects the happiness all inside out!! I really do love your writings a lot poet sir, believe me I really do. Thank you so much for writing those and sharing those with me, yes won’t add anyone as ” us ” but only with me. Your poems are mine 😌❤❤❤

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    • It’s just I don’t have such words to express out what I really do feel and and at times I don’t what words should I use cuz I feel in front of your writings I don’t think any words would be able to stand by anyone, always more Love to you Mr. Poet!! ❤❤

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