I Unruffled my pounding heart,

for you to slaughter it apart.

I’m nearing the edge on my walk,

for I’m gazing and thinking about our talk.

The muse in my years lost in translation,

gone in dust like powdered cremation.

With the tip of my finger

I feel nothing to linger.

I Stand by my side,

with victory I prolong my desire for pride.

At the end of the night

I close my eyes for a restless sight.

To you is say;

“Good riddance, for I’m ruling my way.”

I Stand,

I walk,

I conquer the world behind my past.

…………………..At last.

32 responses to “‘Lalochezia,”

    • Thank you so much😊😊 may I ask you what your name is? So it would be easier to Adress you in the future reference! And how is your writing going?


    • Heheh.. thank you so much, dessertflower ☺️ that’s means so much to me ❤️ I always do my best, that’s all I can do! I’m glad you find my work inspiring 🤗❤️ such an surprise 😍


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