To go further than victory, to write beyond history;

“We are the world’s seekers for death upon her eyes.”

For mysteries we care not about her lies,

for strength we search love, love in her eyes.

To speak loudly. To wander…. slowly.

We treasure the beauty in her eyes.

Tonight my heart is light, and my spirit is rising tears of cries.

“To start over again?”

For I’m afraid of what’s now to be…..

To wake up with sunrise, forgotten pain the unwise.

23 gedachten over “‘Ambigue,

      1. My pleasure. I did like the work a lot. It so happens that I cannot respond to every post of yours, but I’m genuinely honoured to read them. Peace!

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      2. I still appreciate every like or comment. It doesn’t matter if you do it 1000 times or Just one. I’m Jus glad you loved it and feel honoured to read my work!❤️🙏🏽

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