She said that dream was a fraught,

for I have been seen in waking thought.

“Shoot”, you said; “Shoot, and follow the bloodline!”

It was the dark night of august. sweet and define.

“Set me loose”, you said; “Set me loose and be free”

Take me to a higher degree of summers sea.

For joy to my smile, adore thee proud part.

From broken to rising heart.

Of which those butterflies we had to revise,

flown and free from despise.

18 gedachten over ““Confide,

  1. JoJo, you know that I adore your work, but I’d like to challenge you. It seems to me that you’re trapped in rhyme. Perhaps try something in free verse or metered rhyme. For instance eight or ten beats (syllables) per line ending the line which you’d rhyme at the end of the next line of eight or ten beats. This suggestion isn’t to make your work better but simply as a suggestion to add more tools to your belt.

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    1. Hi Harlan, How have you been?
      Sounds like a fair challenge. I have been busy lately with work, so maybe that’s why It looks like I’m stuck with rhyming. if i have a little spare time i will do that for sure, thanks for the advise and suggestion. It’s always appreciated ❤️ take care of yourself

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      1. I’m honoured to read it! It was truly wonderful and you know I always love your work. Sending you lots of love and hugs! 🙂

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