Once upon a mystery,

stars they are, whereas we read our history;

“To dwell and sweep through mother’s consistory.”

The unquiet heaven watching over our nameless graves,

6 feet under; “Down the rhythms waves,

all being poor galley slaves.”

By no means, whereas we search for the seas,

we shall leave our token unpleased.

By wind and chill we feel thou breeze.

15 responses to “‘Conflate,”

  1. Awesome! It reminds me of how the future is foretold, being very similar to our history. Humans repeat their mistakes, even if those mistakes were from dead people who died because of them.

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  2. Jojo, I have re-read this one a few times now. Just want to say first (and again) that I love your poetic and visual aesthetic. I also checked out your blog from the front end (i.e. outside WP Reader) just now and the blog also is very beautiful. Your profile photo is perfect btw and makes me smile (also in WP) every time I see it. So awesome, the faces. Reminds me of Life is Beautiful for some reason. The theory not the face. Well your face is also beautiful but you know what I mean hopefully. Anyhow, I love the phrases in this and I had to look up consistory. “the council of cardinals, with or without the pope.” So “mother’s consistory” is very intriguing indeed. I feel like I have one over here somedays but that is in a kingdom of chimps lol. Then there is my favourite part: “The unquiet heaven watching over our nameless graves, / 6 feet under; “Down the rhythms waves,” … and then the fact that we are all poor galley slaves, with the help of the first comment and your reply, I decide that perhaps you have a bit the same philosophy as I, which is that we can’t get well by staring always at sickness. Yet, poor devils that we are, we can’t seem to help ourselves.

    Thanks for all your wonderful support dear friend. You’re a beautiful writer, it’s a beautiful life. :)) xoxo

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    • Pfff Lia, this is just mind blowing amazing. Like Wooow. I didn’t expect this. I’m so amazed by all, by you, by what you think of me and my work, my writing! ❤️ I already told you once and i will say it again “speechless”…. You keep saying I’m amazing, but trust me. What you just said, it got me thinking about everything, about my writing and what i want to accomplish. What i have accomplished in a short time. people like you got me motivated, but you especially did the most work for my motivation!!!! So, lia. Thank you so much. For everything. I actually should go to your hubby and tell him you are amazing and i should give him some flowers for you to give, because you are unique and special! BIGGEST THANK YOU EVER ❤️❤️ I WILL SLEEP AS AN ANGEL TONIGHT AND REST OF MY LIFE!

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      • Ahaha I love that last line in caps so much. 😄🎉🥰💗 So so very sweet and makes me glad. Thanks Jojo. You’ve been such a wonderful support to me and others, truly encouraging. So sending much gratitude for that as well. It’s been an honest joy to support you and your wonderful work in return. Hugs and sweet dreams. :)) 😴😇🙏💛

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