You said; “Love is young and we should

Only take it by the heartbeat.”

Us? that shall not happen nor bitter or sweet.

This path crossed by two-way street.

How could I ever trust thou pleat?

Free I will be, take my veins for you to see on repeat!

Uncover our lost heat. you said; “take my seat”

Love is what I do not need, because we are incomplete!

28 responses to “‘Youthful,”

  1. You are such a wonderful writer Jojo, and I love the way you put words and text together, and your use of punctuation and boldface. You have a very signature and classy style. I love it! ❤︎❀🎶

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    • Speechless. That’s what I am…. I’m soo thankful for that amazing compliment, Lia. Thank you so much.. Gosh I really don’t know what to say!
      You just made my day, my week and my year in one compliment!!!! “❤️☺️☺️

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      • Awwwwww thank you Jojo, for this lovely, lovely reply. You have got me smiling and beaming from my eyes. (But then, you always manage to do that somehow. :)) Looking forward to your next beautiful write. 🥰🤩🙏😊

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      • Hihihi both happy at this moment. That’s good news ❤️ I’m also looking forward to yours amazing writing.

        Im posting my next one tonight (Europe time) don’t know where you from though! 😂🙈

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      • Oehh nice, ma’am. The Dutch speaking living in French. I’m from the Netherlands. I just schedule my writing ahead. So whenever I write I schedule it for my usual days: Mondays, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturdays. Kinda a routine OCD I have 😂

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      • No way!!!! I didn’t know you were in the netherlands! Wat leuk zeg! Mijn moeder kwamt uit nederland. Maar ik was in Canada geboorte en opgrooied. (Mijn nederlands is dus en beetje slecht. ;))

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      • Ahhahaha. Nou je kan het nog best goed. Ik begrijp je in ieder geval! But always fun to meet a fellow person. Such a small world after all, right?
        My parents are from Iraq, i was born in Jordan. 3 years old when we came to the Netherlands. So basically born and raised in the Netherlands!

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      • Wow that is so cool. My husband works in the Netherlands. I have a lot of cousins there. The dutch are a harsh and blunt people. 😂

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      • He works near the airport. Yes but perhaps I am being to generalistic haha. 😂😂 It’s just the kind and quiet ones mostly are not as obvious. But they are many, just like everywhere in the world. :))


  2. ” Love is what I do not need, because we are incomplete! ”

    Well this line is succha painful line na, like sometimes I feel all are in a way incomplete even though having anyone shrewed person beside us, sometimes it’s just all we need is to stay all way silent and someone to hold our hand saying ” Little charm, I’m here. Don’t worry, everything will be fine. ” Anyways Jojo sir, I can’t stop myself to praise you and your words!!

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