“I walk”, while I see my soul passing through,

You dance, while you skip my love to sew.

“I sit”, waiting for you to touch my soul,

You jump, waiting for you to gain control.

“I unite”, while my soul breaks at night,

You run, faster during daylight.

“I wait”, for our souls to be stronger,

You left, you and I are no longer!

You told me to walk away from everything we have seen. The sky has been clear, while I Sit, reaching out for you, my queen. We will “unite” that’s what you said; “don’t make a scene”. I promised I would wait, but I have been.

13 gedachten over “‘soul,

      1. Well it’s very poignant and I’m sure I’m not the only reader here feeling it! I love your style. It’s very “you.” 💛💛

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      2. You’re a very cheering and encouraging presence in the WP community, besides being a talented poet. Sending many hugs of appreciation. 🤗🐵🌻🐵🤗

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