‘the original outstanding blogger award!,

I was nominated by Lotus Laura for The Original Outstanding Blogger Award!She is a passionate writer whom has been writing since childhood. No subject nor genre is too crazy for Laura


  1. Provide the link to the creator’s original award post. (very important: see why in step 5)
  2. Answer the questions provided.
  3. Create 7 unique questions.
  4. Nominate 10 bloggers. Ensure that they are aware of their nomination. Neither the award’s creator, nor the blogger that nominated you, can be nominated.
  5. At the end of 2020, every blog that ping-backs the creator’s original post will be entered to win the 2020 Outstanding Blogger Award!

This award was created by Colton Beckwith.

Lotus Laura “little Adventures” Questions:

  1. Cats or dogs (or both)? I’m a Dog person! 
  2. What makes you unique? That’s a hard one. I think I would say; I’m always cheerful. 
  3. What’s your preferred method of transportation? depends where i’m going. for short distance i love to walk, lately I have been digging riding my bike as well. even for the long distance, but for the longer distance I like to take my motorcycle! 
  4. What’s your favorite zoo animal? cheetahs!
  5. What is the last book you read or are currently reading? I’m currently reading “Stephen King’s; The Institute”
  6. What time do you wake up in the morning? If I have to work 07:00 (am) and on my days off 08:00 (am)
  7. What’s your favorite genre of story? I would say Drama

My questions:

  1. What do you do in 5 Years?
  2. Reading or writing, what do you love more?
  3. Fiction or non-fiction? (or both)
  4. Your all time favorite book?
  5. Tv-shows or Movies?
  6. What’s your daily routine?
  7. Your guilty pleasure?

My nominees:

  1. LiaThePoet
  2. TheCreativeChic
  3. Paul horne
  4. Dessert Flower
  5. Lifesfinewhine
  6. Sui Generis
  7. Bella
  8. Fauxcroft
  9. AnIrrelevantGirl
  10. Suzette

53 gedachten over “‘the original outstanding blogger award!,

      1. Thank you for nommitating me, I still feel honoured! And I will do that, Lotus. Stating cheerful, sometimes it can be hard in a world with jealousy, hate and or envy! But that didn’t knock me down for 27 years, so I Will Keep going!!☺️

        Geliked door 1 persoon

  1. Jojo…. speechless. What can I say. You wonderful friend you. Thank you for your kindness. Your nomination absolutely makes my day. Also I loved reading your Q&A. You’re a great guy in so many ways. And as you know… I love your poetry. :)) Hugs and love, and thanks again. 💛🙏😊🌤

    Geliked door 3 people

      1. Haha, you make me smile. 😊 It’s like you sense when I’m in retreat mode lol… 😉 😅 you’re a master of friendly fellow-blogger encouragement. 😆 It feels wonderful to be on the receiving end of that. 🥰 Thank you. 😘💕🙏 p.s. how do you and others toss these awards posts/answers off so decisively? 😂 If I can be defined by one negative trait, more than any other perhaps it’s indecisiveness. Woe is moi. ;)) 🙏🧘🏼‍♂️😇

        Geliked door 1 persoon

      2. Haha, that’s a good thing. I love it when i can make people smile/laugh or cry (only the good kind of crying tho🙈) and i do my best to encourage everyone, especially the one’s who don’t see there worthy!
        No thanks needed for me telling the truth! But, you’re welcome❤️

        To be honest, Lia. This was my first nomination. Never been nominated before, so i just winged it and followed the rules stated! 🤣😅🙈, but the people whom i nominated do really deserve it. I just copy and pasted it and changed most of it to my own settings. ❤️❤️

        Geliked door 1 persoon

    1. Outstanding, i loved your answers on my questions. Well deserved, and good luck with everything. I hope luck is on your side and that you will accomplish anything you set your mind to!

      Stay safe, irrelevantgirl! 😊


      1. I do my best every time, but thanks to people like you I keep on going and writing! You inspire me to keep on writing, you are my “muse” for my Inspirations!! So thank you, once again 🙏🏽💟

        Geliked door 1 persoon

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