Slowly I’m losing my hope, but strongly I’m gaining strength for me to elope. I’m A misfit for prolonging my desire. They called me the man, the one-word liar. You were my number one prior. Let’s not be both denier, or; shall we act in denial? “looking for life through my own magnifier I shall shoot and regain my crown fire”.

24 gedachten over “‘misfit,

      1. Listen my love, writing means to write. That’s it. If that brings you joy; if that makes your heat sing; if that, in one moment lets you experience heaven, you’ve done your job.

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      2. That’s totally, true. And until today it’s stil “being fully grateful after i have done some writing” for expressing my feelings and emotions. Don’t do it for the money, but for the love. And i want to share that love with you people!


      3. Trust me, never do it for the money. Money is ugly, but the heart is true. Do something else, anything else…but keep hidden, in a special place your heart. For it’s there, and only there that you discover life.

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      4. Nothing but greed comes from money. I have been listening to my heart since I was a child, and i think i have never stopped listening to her. Life seeking, life exploring! Thank you so much for the lesson of wisdom, Harlan.


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