forest and path

So imagine yourself walking down a forest late at night, full moon and you hear all the night animals. looking on your left you see trees as high the sky goes and on your right you see the same trees, but less high and they also seem weaker! So, while walking down the narrow path, you ask yourself “why there is a difference between one ground and other.” Is it because the one on the left is near a stream of water and the right one hasn’t any? Whatever you do you can’t go off your path. You tried to walk into the left forest, but you couldn’t get off the path same goes to the right. So you start thinking; ” What does this mean to me!” Will I keep walking down the path for ever and never knowing what it all has to mean? The only option you have now is just to keep on walking! You start to compare these things to yourself. Maybe the reason why the left is stronger, because those are my strong abilities and thats why the right side is less strong, because i should work on them. But how? You asked yourself… While the moon is at it brightest point you see things change on the right side: You start to hear an owl. It is like the owl is singing to you and trying to guide you through your path. The path that you are walking seems like it is taking forever. Slowly you see the moon disappear. While the Left side of the forest stays intact the right side is growing towards the sun. Getting Stronger, higher and you also see water passing by. As flabbergasted you are, you still manage not to pas the path on the left side, but you are able to move over on the right side. Even when the Left side always has been strong and ready your body still picked the one on the right. the ability for it to grow by just having the sun over it. you start to believe that; ” what more can i do with it if i take care of it?”

In life you will always have something you are good at, but that doesn’t mean you will able to use that!

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