just incase we have to fly into the aerospace take me to a place where I can embrace my hiding space. Walking with delightful grace we share our air and leave no trace. In motion we move, asking the question ; ” What are you trying to prove?”. Moving clockwise and reacting with a countermove. You talk and slither with tongue while we are still young we will walk among!


With passion we grow and with envy we seek for the low. So we wish for closure even if we knew we would lose. In none human abuse we believe, nonetheless asking for the who’s. We listen to our own muse back to the blues! thou shall refuse, thou shall overuse but always in power with our own inner strength shoes.


Morning kisses and morning suns, praying for our nuns we despite the guns. We wish for harmony, but only think in money. The slowly burning deal breaker. Morning kisses and morning suns, waiting for our gods sons and hoping for reruns! let’s make everyday an brand new day for inspiring hope. so lets tighten that rope and forgive all like the pope so we can elope. morning kisses and morning suns. did we miss something under our little microscope?


Still young and ambitious, barely a “young adult” according to society. Looking forward to my future with my open eyes I feel the struggling of anxiety. Nevertheless, I always sink down in dubiety. Something to keep me on track for variety.
Barely a “young adult” I still search for my inner peace. And when I have that surely unknown piece I will release my enemy for the rising decease. Because I am whom I could be. The best part of me. Let me touch and let me see, because I want to be free.



We, as in you and I, pre-occupied in our own make-believe world. Though we shall run to the underworld and defeat that ever can be hurled. Our nemesis also known as oneself we shall fear no-one but ourself. So we write everything down until the gods read our pages on the bookshelf. Never lost nor never won and for I shall be done I will hurl that handgun and never lose my hope as number one. In repeating moves we embrace the shallow games on the long-run until we loose our breath for so long and take a leap to the Fire-sun! I kiss the earth goodbye and say hello to my new born morning son.


For I have embraced the shot that I have taken to be in a coma and screaming loudly for Oklahoma I will accept my faith and diploma. I use random words to define my Aroma even if I have been in Seattle Tacoma. Meet me in the middle of Minnesota so I can go back to Oklahoma. My wish, granted. My dreams, rising. And my power off will, fighting. So I shall be enchanted, even if you been uprising we shall smile into the lightning!




If I could just dodge that bullet “than everything would have been different!” but for me whom had to push it and pull it. I was the little boy screamer you heard all night long. For I didn’t belong, so we all came along for that little bird song. The morning tjirp wasn’t that bad nor wrong, but it did bring me to heavens Lifelong.


Sitting on the dock of the bay all alone during my birthday. For I have forgiven the lords way I shall proudly stand up and take my way through doomsday! I was hidden in the narrow and shot down with cupids arrow. ‘oh so shallow alley we were kissing down the valley’.