Her name speaks no tongue,

as she has shown our mistake.

One to set loose these chains

as she set her feet down for the world sake.

“Come”, she speaks.

“Come, and I will reveal you the beauty

when you open your eyes and wake.”

Her light guides us through

while we trust her soul during daybreak.

These stars’ pounder our hearts at night

as she wanders around while

wondering for your heartbreak.

“Trust”, She speaks.

“Trust, and I shall show you this clear skies realm

within one snow flake.”

As she lingers with her grace

the air flow stops without her partake.




To I have all within my hands reach.

To as I come barefoot within these lanes

I shall show you my blood to teach.


To I have al shown you my soul preach.

To as she has spoken

with her nameless speech.

Stamp of approval