Share me a world with no pain.

Take me to a place hidden from human eye.

Dance with me to the beginning of no memory stain.

I’m embraced by thou waltzing grace.

Do you speak or slither around in my brain?

Hopeless in search while lost in translation.

“To be laconic;

Raising my heartbeat for thou beauty.

When I see you smile I see the define world, not demonic.

Without doubt,

without regret,

without ending emotions I feel harmonic.”


She slowly waltz with grace down the path in a wide open space. Seeking for her inner child face. No harm was done except for the damage. Even when she spoke in Spanish I could understand her body language. Her lips moved so smooth, such a delight. Everything around her was so dark, but she had the first light at the sunset night. The moon so bright and only she was in sight. She passes my soul and my body lost control. She whispers in my ear and slightly that I could hear; “Do I slither around in your brain, can’t we touch the words like mark twain. come with me to the end of the world and dance with me in the rain”.