Mother, do you feel me?

I’m afraid to wander through life alone.

To have none by my side,



none…. whom holds me by night!

Moments of despair;

“I seek for care in your arms around me”

Hold me tight and never let me fall.

Mother, do you hear me?

I cry to forget our separate paths of all.

For I’m losing my mind,

Closing my eyes,

And going throughout life blind.

Father, do you see me?

Because I’m fighting this battlefield.

Scars breaking me down,

Blood streaming on the floor,

waiting… to be healed.

To fly or to yield?

Of these questions I occurred my behaviour.

To be stronger than pain.



Stronger…. For my saviour!

‘legends of the future,

‘legends of the future,

As timorous we are we couldn’t previse our ending future.It is in our nature to raise our hopes in the air. By asking for the who’s, the when’s and the where’s we shall find our love affair. They say “don’t poke the bear”, or thou shall fall down in million pair. So be aware my dear human being. Because you are the one to been keen. Though you prepare what you can repair.



As for the starry nights we will be walking down the dreamy welkin…. And as likely we are we will be wearing our bridge coat. For I try to quote Poe himself I lose my thoughts into his words of the blue note. “From the Hell of the planetary souls?” and ought he touch my bloody throat. He sketches little anecdote as he sails down the river on his rowing boat.



For such propounding move we search for the better in each person. As we are the thinkers of being teleological.

Though we greet with epiphany for a lesson to be a teacher by coercion. The future could be uncertain, yet we choose to be determined. So let’s all open that stage-curtain.


Tiffany, thou woman is streaming through my vein.

If love could conquer. Wouldn’t we be lost again.

For we have our path aligned as our soul in our brain, and

Find my eyes closed, to feel your hand on my pain.

All lost in hope we rise stronger in Ukraine!

Now take thee spirit and set loose that chain.

You, thou woman streaming through my vein.


Morning kisses and morning suns, praying for our nuns we despite the guns. We wish for harmony, but only think in money. The slowly burning deal breaker. Morning kisses and morning suns, waiting for our gods sons and hoping for reruns! let’s make everyday an brand new day for inspiring hope. so lets tighten that rope and forgive all like the pope so we can elope. morning kisses and morning suns. did we miss something under our little microscope?