She said that dream was a fraught,

for I have been seen in waking thought.

“Shoot”, you said; “Shoot, and follow the bloodline!”

It was the dark night of august. sweet and define.

“Set me loose”, you said; “Set me loose and be free”

Take me to a higher degree of summers sea.

For joy to my smile, adore thee proud part.

From broken to rising heart.

Of which those butterflies we had to revise,

flown and free from despise.



We happen to be talking about the when’s, the where’s and the why’s. But in reality we never just appreciate the things around us, as we are the spirit of the skies. So, every now and then we just have a leap of faith and let time catch us. For we all consider our future treasonous. The all unknowing mighty power is ticking his last seconds of the hour. And as bright he could be using his manpower he will be deflowered. So let her grow……  that lovely flower.



You think I wouldn’t be chuffed? I am releasing the pain that had me handcuffed. Raising my spirits up to the sky as I bluffed. So as they say; while dancing around in my room, thou shall inundate. Walking in a straight line towards my future that has been aligned. Before it falls down and thought to be misstate, we shall not hesitate before we can translate our long lost language dancing flow rate. To debate, or not to catch the bait. While skipping my heart rate I will liquidate.

Glance of life….

Slowly I feel my heart. Every second I feel it bonking in my neck. Afraid to accept my faith. I smell the air one last time, one last bite and one last blink into the sky. I too am afraid for what is coming… one blink away I see the world passing by. Blood streams faster in my body. The taste of fear is irresistibly. While pounding my last hope six feet under I deny the fear in my eyes. and he whom tries to take away my freedom will fall into the future skies. He whom has doomed will pay for my revenge… tic tac, tic tac… seconds passing by. I still hear my heart bouncing faster and faster. You… whom is better than the glance in my heart. And I… whom is falling apart. Softly feeling the wind touching my skin. Never have I felt so naked.  I bare my hand in the dirt and you, whom I scratched on my body, so thin.