Mother, do you hear me?

Let me speak with my untouched tongue,

in silence I grave for attention.

“Pull me in” and taste the lies among.

Mother, do you see me?

Eyes, closed by day, took me down.

Afraid I was to see,

“to accept” the faith that you were no more around!

Mother, do you love me?

To love, or, to be loved? that’s the question.

I Will be asking myself till the dawn of night,

shimmering light wandering among your confession.



Share me a world with no pain.

Take me to a place hidden from human eye.

Dance with me to the beginning of no memory stain.

I’m embraced by thou waltzing grace.

Do you speak or slither around in my brain?

Hopeless in search while lost in translation.

“To be laconic;

Raising my heartbeat for thou beauty.

When I see you smile I see the define world, not demonic.

Without doubt,

without regret,

without ending emotions I feel harmonic.”



Can I be honest? before asking for the who’s.

Out for defeat, knocked down and lost abuse.

Never have I prolonged more for breath of air,

For I have given my last hope for you to care.

Endless of shame and careless prayer, for you to stare.

Seeking for the truth, while lost in lies of defuse. Never felt

Safe while being confined, without an excuse.

I’m lost and helpless, seeking night of cries to lose.

Only to wander through confession; “to ask to speak!”

Now I will behave for your aggression!



They say I am a stray;

Walking down the street two-way path crossing my way. You have been caring all the weight away. For I have been the fighter of my own battles nearing my screaming day. “Attention” that’s what I seek for my inner child’s play. With a knot in my heart, with love given to rise your soul, you have been granting my heart for you to mislay.

They say she is not like the rest;

All I Can say; “I have been gods bless” for shouting the truth out of my chest. To be all obsessed I was leaving my mind unrest, but I did express my heart for you to undress!

They… They… They…

for I am careless and free. Happiness is my power key and undecided crossed the sea.



As for the starry nights we will be walking down the dreamy welkin…. And as likely we are we will be wearing our bridge coat. For I try to quote Poe himself I lose my thoughts into his words of the blue note. “From the Hell of the planetary souls?” and ought he touch my bloody throat. He sketches little anecdote as he sails down the river on his rowing boat.



You think I wouldn’t be chuffed? I am releasing the pain that had me handcuffed. Raising my spirits up to the sky as I bluffed. So as they say; while dancing around in my room, thou shall inundate. Walking in a straight line towards my future that has been aligned. Before it falls down and thought to be misstate, we shall not hesitate before we can translate our long lost language dancing flow rate. To debate, or not to catch the bait. While skipping my heart rate I will liquidate.


Let me miss you, but don’t let me dismiss you and let me reminisce about our first kiss. For I am hopeless in love with you and for the one you was my boo within the colors of blue. Before I knew you was the only one that truly could see me through. In our loves view you was the one I knew for sure that would stick as an liberty statue! (“Don’t disgrace my style by the way I eat. It took me a while to run that mile so I could take you in a heartbeat!“) Don’t be afraid to share your feeling, because all we need (you and I) is our heeling. Let me look at the ceiling and thou eyes shall be revealing. (“Both sitting down in the drivers seat waiting down next the street“).

I was awake,


I was awake, afraid and terrified. The silence in every corner killed me.What if…? I asked myself! Would there be a barrier that I could set loose.It’s the late night that frightens me the most, being able to be alone when there is nobody to hear! Cracking ceilings falling down through the barrier of sound! No click, no respond, no blink! Who is trying to stop me? May I ask your name when I can’t even hear your voice! Stop trying to love me when you can’t promise the love!                                                                                                                                                                           Wearing a silk dress covered in black!

Keeps me creative, keeps me alive! Words..

Wondering around in no man’s land, closing my eyes in no man’s land. Asking to the man in my heart for forgiveness. No sound to hear, but deep in my mind there is a bright light. I feel the heat burning on my skin. a breeze of a wind passing my skin. Tenderness never felt so satisfied. one last word, one last breath taking moment. ” as he gives my sorrow ” I keep giving my blood.  dark, red blood, tasty. wounds to heal, and pain to recover. every shot I have taken was unforgettable! Mind circles around in the woods. Every tree i touch it speaks to me: ” My son, have mercy for your sin. Thou have given more tears than joy….”