‘One Last smoke,

‘One Last smoke,
Todays message is; One year celebration.

Good morning, day or evening ladies and gentleman. I Hope everyone is doing well today? First, just before I start my today’s subject, I want to tell you that this is actually not my usual day to post. But, this is not just any day post for me. It’s not about poetry or nomination. Today, October the 16th, is a special day for me, because one year ago I quit smoking! YES, I QUIT SMOKING FOR AN YEAR NOW AND THAT IS WORTH FOR A CELEBRATION!

History taught me; We all have bad days.

So, A little more than one year back; I have been a smoker for 8 years now. Tried couple times to quit smoking, but the longest I didn’t smoke was like 3/4 weeks. I Always had a excuse ready for why I couldn’t or didn’t want to quit (like many had/have). Eventually something changed for me, I still don’t know what, but my mind switched the switch and decided that I was done smoking and had to change something to achieve that. So, I love to google like most of us do, and I did days of research for tips, helps and tricks to leap and start. I Needed a motivation so what I did and still do, the amount money that I used for cigarettes (weekly) goes to my savings account. This is 45 euros a week, 55 US Dollars, 3900 Indian Rupees. Just so you know what I used to spent on cigarettes. But, to stay motivated I needed another reason. Why was I saving the money? I asked myself! I WANT TO GET MY MOTORCYCLE-LICENSE. And this is what I did, I kept saving my money until I had enough to start taking lessons for my motorcycle-license. It took me about 8 months to achieve that goal! And I’m still happy that I have taken that leap of faith! Because I got my motorcycle-license on August the 4th, BABY!!! Now I’m using the same method to get myself my first motorcycle next year.

I’m going to be honest as well; It wasn’t that easy for me every day. Sometimes I just wanted to give up, but I kept the promise to myself and whenever I was in doubt I just looked to my savings account. Without that I’m not entirely sure if I could celebrate today. I mean I didn’t ever believe I just could stop like that, For me something big had to change in my life to get a reason to quit. Getting my first child, changes like that would have been a good reason for me.

You tell me again; To ask, to try and to laugh. There is no “no”.

While in progress of quitting I truly focused on my own key of happiness. What did I love to do, what do I want to achieve, who do I want to be. I Have asked myself these questions every day. I Have tried everything I could and I have laughed my ass off while doing it. Seriously, I tried to lower the pressure on myself and didn’t tell anyone the first 2 months that I quit smoking besides the people that I work with, because they almost see me every day and I wanted to warn them for incase I would be grumpy. (didn’t really have those days, only hangry). So, I changed the peace in me by trying out new things, by being more open to new things and just have fun every day while I try to achieve my goal. My journal that I got for quitting was for me a get away for the moments it got harder, and while I wrote in my journal I got used again to write my emotions and things like that. I Mean I still remember that I always loved to write, loved poetry and especially because this was a get away card for my thoughts and emotions. Months into doing this I got inspired to share what I love to do. To write and to inspire. So, little google, little research and boom…..Covid-19 struck us all, this was my sign to really start doing what I love. Mid April I went live and have been posting 4 days a week since then. Every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday (And Sundays for the nominations).

Why this post; In darkness we have to celebrate the little things.

Yes, in darkness we have to celebrate the little things. If we want to achieve greatness we have to celebrate the little steps towards our goal. This has given me so much back. The moment that I stopped smoking I also decided to go to the gym to better my health, and even that I still do. I go about 4 days a week to the gym, and I have been taking the bike to work instead of public transportation. I Have started my own blog that I have been loving. Nothing could really beat me down. Yes of course we all have bad days that we have to go through, but I can be honest with myself at this moment and thats to say that I am happy with whom I have become today.

To have one question; What is your little celebration?

I Want truly know what has become your little celebration? What do you want to share with me and or us? I Mean, with all the Covid-19, we still have to appreciate the little things around us. Have you been doing that and do you want to share the story with me? You could do it with a blogpost, in the comment or send a private letter to me. I Don’t care how you do it. Just do it! (I did not steal that slogan from Nike.)

With much love & inspiration written by me,

(Just 5.6 ft. tall with a badass moustache and eager to grow as a writer.)

Jojo Al-waealy

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