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  • ‘Ammar,


    My lips are sealed, to a flying butterfly in a field. Hear me speak in silence, loudly I rise my wings for I desire my wish; “To be healed.” Have I not seen the world? Have I not shown you my inner peace? to fly a mile to the north by your yield. Look in […]

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  • ‘Valorous,


    In vibrant of the night I close my eyes, As afraid as I am I hear your voice for a moment to only hear words of lies. It was like a symphony, symphony of cries. I seek the moon’s light for me to guide In the night by the wise. Wandering soul passing through my […]

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  • ‘Very Inspiring Blogger Award,

    ‘Very Inspiring Blogger Award,

    Nominated For The Ideal Inspirational Blogger Award The Award Rules: • Thank the person who have nominated you and provide a link back to his/her blog. • Answer their questions. • Nominate up to 9 other bloggers and ask them 5 new questions. • Notify the nominees through their blog by visiting and commenting on […]

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  • ‘Ambigue,


    To go further than victory, to write beyond history; “We are the world’s seekers for death upon her eyes.” For mysteries we care not about her lies, for strength we search love, love in her eyes. To speak loudly. To wander…. slowly. We treasure the beauty in her eyes. Tonight my heart is light, and […]

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  • ‘Impuissance,


    I’m spoken by thou lovely flower, Miracle of thee wind behind the clouds, Flee with Peace. “to my nemesis; I speak nor tongue about it”. Under no presumptions I scream for thou skipping hour. Impressed? I was not, to care? I shall not, to forgive? I forage! Shimmering light wandering among your confession. Seeking for […]

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  • ‘indurate,


    Share me a world with no pain. Take me to a place hidden from human eye. Dance with me to the beginning of no memory stain. I’m embraced by thou waltzing grace. Do you speak or slither around in my brain? Hopeless in search while lost in translation. “To be laconic; Raising my heartbeat for […]

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  • ‘Conflate,


    Once upon a mystery, stars they are, whereas we read our history; “To dwell and sweep through mother’s consistory.” The unquiet heaven watching over our nameless graves, 6 feet under; “Down the rhythms waves, all being poor galley slaves.” By no means, whereas we search for the seas, we shall leave our token unpleased. By […]

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  • ‘pretend,


    Let’s pretend I was walking down the lane of fire. feeling the restless, heating and precious desire. Let’s pretend that I was willing to jump, to scream, to fall and to rise prior. Let’s pretend I was willing to take that imperfect path to the future to inspire. Let’s pretend there was no gun, no […]

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  • ‘hurl,


    With the tip of my tongue I say; “I haven’t lost myself in years”, but yet I asked god for forgiveness in tears. I was ready……ready to kill my fears. Nothing can take me away from my music of the spheres. With the tip of my tongue I say; “Though I shall run to the underworld […]

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  • ‘too late,

    ‘too late,

    Asking for forgiveness in my heart, breaking every thorn on every rose and feeling regret in my fingers. I am awake, afraid and terrified while my whole body lingers! My father, let me do what I can’t sin! For thou I shall open my eyes thin, as the flower that blooms for the Jinn. Softly […]

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  • ‘Elephant,


    They say time is relative and even the smallest element could impact the brain of an elephant. The moment when you light up a cigarette while holding a glass of whisky on the rocks, and decide to raise the bar for where ever you go and ever will be you will hear the clocks. Our […]

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  • ‘Introvert,


    In my mind counting down. 10, Asking myself; “Am I alright?” No lost battles at night. 9… The “truth” Takes my soul away from daylight, 8… I shoot myself while Running towards my own symphony at 7 from eyesight. Obey my command; “for I’m almost halfway”. 6… killing my Very existence. 5… For I am […]

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  • ‘one,


    The death talking and breath taken away. “Home” that’s where she has left none helpless. “Hope” that’s what she has given to all! Because; her “smile”, the weapon, is breathless! To hide and to seek. “Hiding” all pleasures away from her highest peak. Streaming off the cliff into the ocean. for she shall not turn […]

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  • ‘into the sky,

    ‘into the sky,

      Slowly flowing into the sky. Slowly rising into the midnight eye. Slowly reaching full moon cry. For I have spoken with the tip of my tongue, to describe nor to describe the beauty; “you had me at your goodbye’. There was no crack in my wing to overpower the strength of mother’s lullaby, but […]

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  • ‘White lie,

    ‘White lie,

    Waltzing through life as John Doe in search for myself while I seek for my train. Speaking in tongue and slowly as Mark Twain. “Apparently there is nothing that cannot happen today” such loose in strain we act all vain. We have our own fib; will you have that walk with me to Spain?

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