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  • ‘WTAMA,


    Welcome fellow artist, writers and readers. Today I have the following question I want to ask you; “I am looking for whatever creative artist that exist for my next Project ‘Where the artist meets art, Here I will be sharing your work on my website for many people to see. I have started this project […]

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  • ‘Deeds,


    With greed as my empathy I behold of a dream with define law. Where lovers react to sympathy to as where death fought for their draw. Endless inspirations falls of my cliff into the oceans of what I saw. Where horror and mortal dreams lingers over my awe.   Now see my realm In my […]

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  • ‘This thursday,

    ‘This thursday,

    Gosh, I don’t even know how to start. Don’t even know what I should say or talk about at this moment. It’s been a while since I even shared a little thing about myself, poetry or whatsoever about my goals. As many of you noticed I have been Offline for a while, until 2.5 weeks […]

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  • ‘Haunting,


    I am not that beauty I am not that the star. I am the silhouette night I am  afar with my war.   I sought for my past As I feel my sincere sight . I breeze with pain As I grow with the light.   To bloom, to grow, to be pure and I […]

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