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  • ‘pretend,


    Let’s pretend I was walking down the lane of fire. feeling the restless, heating and precious desire. Let’s pretend that I was willing to jump, to scream, to fall and to rise prior. Let’s pretend I was willing to take that imperfect path to the future to inspire. Let’s pretend there was no gun, no…

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  • ‘soul,


    “I walk”, while I see my soul passing through, You dance, while you skip my love to sew. “I sit”, waiting for you to touch my soul, You jump, waiting for you to gain control. “I unite”, while my soul breaks at night, You run, faster during daylight. “I wait”, for our souls to be…

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  • ‘Monarch,


    Fighting battle of the century, lock me down into penitentiary! I’m a sinner for the devil’s pleasure. Take thee eye away from the enemy eye, because I shall not lie! Don’t hesitate your ability to fly. Spread your wings and touch the sky. Hereby I will testify my dream for you to specify and to…

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  • ‘Vigour,


    Darkness and light have been inevitable though the rise of beauty has been irrevocable. And I take thee, passing soul, with me. for you to see; “This vitality has become immortal let’s inherit thou energy for the mortal!” Losing my sight, I was afraid to touch the light, and I cared less, for you to…

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  • ‘let’s not say,

    ‘let’s not say,

    let’s not say that I’m scared, let’s not pretend that I’m different from who I am. let’s just say I was the one who cared. let’s just say I would run a mile, Madame! to take the imperfect picture we have to create the perfect frame in our mind. to be surrealistic we have to…

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  • ‘wherefore,


    Do you always ask yourself wherefore do I breathe? couldn’t we just wish upon death, for we have to quote Macbeth; “Those clamorous harbingers of blood and death.”As glamorous life could be. Talking about the sun, ocean and the blue sky; We will always run away from our precious ally. Just one look in the…

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  • ‘facilitate,


    “Oh dear god, set me loose from my strain” thou beauty had me from the beginning to navigate, in search for life; you, the smell, wouldn’t let me terminate the enemy we had inside of us. So we had to suffocate! Both, air and sun, were afraid to collaborate to let it rise into long…

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  • ‘never,


    For I have defeated victory I will imply my lost in hope. Do I share to believe even when I look for life through a telescope. loosening my rope, let me elope and open my own written envelope. Let us share the happiness when there is no “y” in us! but even when we discuss…

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  • ‘White lie,

    ‘White lie,

    Waltzing through life as John Doe in search for myself while I seek for my train. Speaking in tongue and slowly as Mark Twain. “Apparently there is nothing that cannot happen today” such loose in strain we act all vain. We have our own fib; will you have that walk with me to Spain?

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  • ‘flower,


    We happen to be talking about the when’s, the where’s and the why’s. But in reality we never just appreciate the things around us, as we are the spirit of the skies. So, every now and then we just have a leap of faith and let time catch us. For we all consider our future…

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